How to Wirelessly Manage Your iPad

We live in the age of new technology and new amazing features. But all of them seem to revolve around one single point and that is portability. Even the design of your iPad itself is a statement to portability. It is so light weight that you can take it with you just about anywhere. Apple struggled to make this device so thin and small as is quite evident from the ingenuous design. This portability is further supported by its meticulous design with the display that covers the entire surface and the simple buttons on sides and above all the unique battery itself that can last for hours to ensure hassle free carriage without the need to carry charger everywhere. And because it is a device thought to be used mostly for Internet based applications, iPad also has wireless capability. But what if somebody wants to not even touch this device and get everything from it? Can this be possible? The answer is yes. You can control your device wirelessly and here is how:

Accessories to Wirelessly Manage your iPad

Wireless Remote Control for iPad- LINK

Wireless Remote Control for iPad

A simple device that uses the Bluetooth of your iPad for controls. It has buttons on the top that will allow you to control wireless the music on your iPad. It has buttons like: Home, Next / Previous track, Play / Pause and of course Volume up and Volume Down. This remote has also buttons for turning it on and off to save the battery while not in use. It is so easy to setup, just turn on the Bluetooth on your iPad and then sync it with this remote to have complete access to your iPad, wirelessly. It is proved to work on a range of up to 10 meters. For extra convenience it only weights 58 grams and is very small (102 x 40 x 16 mm). This device is perfect choice to wirelessly manage your iPad.

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad- LINK

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPadHow to wirelessly manage iPad-

Let’s say for example you are in a meeting and you are using iPad to present something to the audience. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have wireless control over your iPad and access applications, modify the text and the presentation without having to touch the device? Trust has this solution in the form of a Wireless Keyboard. It is a very lightweight with only 293 grams (124 x 288 x 18 mm) and requires only two AAA batteries to run. It has 13 media function keys and can be used from a distance of about 10 meters which makes it a perfect partner for conferences . Keys are big, easy to read and made of a material that is non-silvering and offers nice touch and feel. It is a perfect device for you to control Wirelessly your device and works with all the versions of iPad.

Entea Universal Wireless Keyboard- LINK

Entea Universal Wireless Keyboard

A solid keyboard for a complete wireless control, not only for iPad but also a wide range of other devices such as tablets, laptops and even phones. It is compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7 or 8), iOS (must be of version 5 or latter) and also Android (only versions 4.0 or newer). It can be used for up to 10 meters away and feature nine special keys for even more comfortable usage. It will require 2 AAA batteries to run and overall feels great with your iPad because of its brushed aluminum finish.

Apps to Wirelessly Manage your iPad

Remote By Apple- LINK

Remote by Apple

Is a very nice app that helps you to integrate your device with just a few taps to other devices via iTunes wirelessly. It comes in a 18.8 MB package and is compatible with iOS 5 or newer versions. It can be installed on iPad or iPhone or even iPod touch to give you perfect syncing with the iTunes service wirelessly.

GoodReader- LINK


To wirelessly manage your files there is yet another app to help you wirelessly transfer your files to the iPad and is name GoodReader. GoodReader is available in iTunes store. To use this app you first need to sign up on Dropbox. After installing the GoodReader just open it and go to Connect to Servers and then select Add and Chose Dropbox .

Next you have to configure the settings. Readable Title can be the one you freely chose to be (just about anything you like to name it). Then use your Dropbox Username and Password and click Add when complete. To wirelessly transfer the files just locate the files you want to transfer, select them and GoodReader will automatically begin the transfer. Under My Documents you will find your newly transferred files.

The best thing about this app is that it can wirelessly transfer your documents to iPad from a desktop or laptop and not just iPad or other iDevices. GoodReader features the latest version 3.19 and requires iOS 4.3 or latter to be installed on your device. It is compatible with iPad but also with iPhone or iPod touch.