Top 10 iPad Jailbreak Websites

Jailbreak for iPad is as famous as the device itself not only because of the huge services and tweaks it provides but also because it truly breaks iPad out of the Apple iOS Jail. And since the number of users resorting to Jailbreak after buying an expensive device has marginally increased over the years, developers and web enthusiasts have poured in huge apps and content to meet the growing demand.

There are many Websites that provide Jailbreak News, tweaks, tutorials, best app lists, troubleshoot, game list and a lot more, but more often than not, majority of these websites are utterly useless if not annoying.

Sewn with adds and futile information about things you aren’t looking for in the first place. So without debating further on this issue we are here to present a solution in the form of comprehensive list of Top 10 iPad Jailbreak Websites.

Before we begin, let’s keep in mind that this is not a ranking post but merely a list with best iPad Jailbreak websites without inter rank competition. The contents of the websites are designed for iOS devices including iPad and sometimes the content for iPhone is more prominent, which can however be used for relative iOS iPad too. Without further ado, let’s get started with 10 iPad Jailbreak Websites.

1. Dev-Team Blog

A constantly updated Jailbreak Developer blog to get all the recent updates, tweak information, Jailbreak process and other related developer stuff in the making.

2. Ziphone

A beautifully designed completely packed iPad Jailbreak resource. This website provides unlock software, tweaks, apps, reviews and latest news about Jailbreak and conventional news as well. You can access quality tutorials, games, downloads and a lot more directly from this best Jailbreak Website.

3. QuickPWN

This is a complete iPad Web portal with huge iPad Jailbreak content along with news and information about all the other technology advancements including windows, Samsung, Nexus and other prominent tech savvy gadgets. The only problem(Okay! not the ‘Problem’) with this website is the humongous content with complex navigation system.

4. Hack That Phone

A website created by developers for common users to unlock iPad and other iOS devices. The Step-by-step guided Mac tutorials for iPad and iPhone Jailbreak remains HackThatPhone’s strongest forte.

5. iClarified

iClarified clarifies and simplifies everything related to iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac and every other Apple product. It is bundled with posts about news, How To’s , apps, lists, top picks, Jailbreaks, and just about everything Apple related.

6. JailBreakMe

JailBreakMe iPad Website

JailbreakMe is the easiest and the oldest way to free your device. Experience iOS as it could be, fully customizable, themeable, and with every tweak you could possibly imagine by simply following the instructions listed on this website. The only problem however is that the website is relatively old which eventually limits its usage to older iOS firmwares.

7. iJailBreak

Another Jailbreak website with huge fan following and appreciable design and enormous helpful content. The website provides thorough information about Jailbreak and related news with Tutorials along with latest lucrative deals about iPad, iPhone, its apps, services, accessories and a lot more. There is also massive content floating around on this websites about wide tech subjects like Android, Google, Software, Developers and a lot more. In short, if I had to suggest only one iPad Jailbreak website or an comprehensive iPad website as a whole, iJailbreak would be the one.

8. LifeHacker

Life Hacker has the tips and tweaks for your iPad, iPhone, iPod or any other device for that matter. The website is a huge source of technology related information, instructions and a lot more stuff that, as they put it “for getting things done”. If you ever get into some trouble with your iPad, you know where to rush, Lifehacker will provide solution, if not, it can atleast suggest sources to find one.

9. RedmondPie

Redmond Pie provides tutorials for latest iOS Jailbreak with as much simplicity as a beginner would ask for. The website is light , intuitive and has plethora of posts, How to’s, lists, tech advice, reviews and content about every piece of technology ranging from iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac to Windows, web development and almost everything to help you roll into the world of technology.

There are many other iPad Jailbreak Websites online, but as we pointed out earlier, we only focused on the top 10 to the best of our knowledge. This in turn makes our post more vulnerable to errors and wrong lists. If that is the case and if you have any suggestions or personal favorites, please share with us in the comments section.