Top 10 Internet Radio Apps for iPad

iPad is designed around one single thought: to be used for online content. The way it was build reflects this concept entirely. It is so portable that you can carry it around with you and quickly connect to any network available no matter the location. It has a huge display for you to see all the web pages easier.  With the built in camera you can make live video calls trough the Internet. And it has nice speakers so you can also hear quality music.

But there are not so many things to actually hear from the Internet. Web pages are static; they are all about colors and movement, not the sound. The only time when you actually have rich content in terms of sound is when you browse videos, like for example on You Tube. But there is another way to enjoy a fully amazing experience with sound over the internet, and it is when you listen to the radios online.

This is the greatness of the Internet: it lets you access information so easily from all over the world. Imagine you can stay in your in US and listen to radio stations from France! Wouldn’t that be cool? And yes, it is possible to do it, by the means of some simple apps. And for that purpose we have collected  Top 10 Internet Radio Apps for iPad.

Radio Pro HQ- LINK

Radio Pro HQ Internet Radio Apps for iPad

This app will get your hunger for online radios fulfilled. It covers more than 50k of radio stations thought the entire world. Overall, this app is simple to use because you can have a very customized searching through all the stations. You can browse music by name or by a keyword, by country of broadcasting or by genre.

You can also see the lyrics of the songs that are being played or better yet see the CD cover from the albums you are listening. On top of that this app has automatic update of the radio stations so you won’t get broken links. If your Internet connection is poor this app helps by automatically reconnecting to your radio station in case the Internet connection suddenly drops.

To install you need to take down 33.1 MB of data and have your device already packed with iOS6 or newer version of it. Compared to the free version it has the capability to run in the background, it supports “Alarm Clock” and “Sleep Timer” functions plus you won’t get those annoying ads all the time.

Smart Tunes By Left Coast Logic- LINK

Smart Tunes By Left Coast Logic

Customize your web listening experience with different themes to match your lifestyle. This is a very powerful app designed to browse the Internet for fee radios and deliver them to your iPad. It features over 300 stations and is completely integrated with your clock to, for example, fade out at night. We found this “sleep” function to be very cool. It comes in a 13.5 MB package and is suitable for devices with iOS 3.1.3 or a newer version.

SKY.FM Internet Radio- LINK

SKY.FM Internet Radio

This app will give you immediate access to 35 radio channels with all kind of music from rock to jazz or reggae and new age. The app can run in background, you can bookmark your favorite channel; it does have a sleep timer. One cooler feature is the usage data display to keep you updated with the data usage and cost. It comes in a 16.2 MB package and can be installed on devices that are already running iOS 5 or latter.

Pandora Radio- LINK

Pandora Radio

Pandora made this app for you to enjoy listening to live radio online. You can have your personalized search for the music you please. It comes fully packed with high quality audio and it is also customizable. To install it just download a 14.9 MB package of data. It is compatible with iPad running on iOS 3.0 or later.

SiriusXM Internet Radio- LINK

SiriusXM Internet Radio

Use this nice app to go online and listen to the radio stations broadcasting over the Internet. It is fully personable giving you flexibility and fun. You can even pause, fast forward and rewind the content of some radio stations! It has also automatic updated stations and comes in a package of 21.7 MB. It is available in English or French. Your iPad must run iOS 4.3 or later in order to be able to install it.

100-in-1 Internet Radio TV- LINK

100-in-1 Internet Radio TV

In addition to free online radio this app will also give you free access to online TV stations. It is so lightweight, only 1.4 MB to download and is compatible with iOS 3.2 or newer versions. This app has a cool vintage look that will enchant while listening to the high quality audio delivered instantly.

Classical Music Shows on Internet RadioLINK

Classical Music Shows on Internet Radio

This app will allow you to enjoy good classic music broadcasted live over the Internet radio stations. All the streams are organized neatly by shows. It also gives you the possibility to listen to different stations and link them in the form of shows  which is a really nice feature to have in your radio apps. To install this app you need to take down some 1.8 Mb of data and have your device running iOS 4.2 or the latter versions.

TuneIn RadioLINK

TuneIn Radio If you enjoy listening to a huge collection of more than 70k live Internet radios then this is the right app for you. This app features local radio features that will enable you to listen to the neighboring radios (location is determined by the IP you use to connect to Internet). Also you may want to go ahead and listen to the Trending radios or better yet, to the Recommended ones. Plus, there are other categories such as Sport, News, Country specific or even Language specific clustered radios. This app requires iOS 4.3 or latter and sizes about 11.6 MB.

ooTunes RadioLINK

ooTunes RadioThe symbol of this app says it all: infinite online radios! It has an enormous database of online radio stations for you to choose. And to keep everything neat, you can organize all of them into groups and categories. You can even see what’s playing on 100 radio station at once and chose the one you like immediately. It is also a multitasking app, meaning it can stay in the background while you are making your next search for a different station. It delivers great quality of audio and can be installed in a 7.4 MB package. It is compatible with any iPad having the operating system iOS with versions 3.0  and latter.

Tuner Internet Radio– LINK

Tuner Internet RadioUse this app to listen to tonnes of radio stations online. This app will deliver a DVD quality audio. The app is only 0.4 MB in size and requires iOS 3.2 or latter to run. And to top it all, it has an astonishing vintage looks that will look just amazing on your iPad’s retina display.

There must be more Radio apps for iPad available in the market and we sure could not sum them all up in one single top ten post. So, if you know any better alternatives feel free to share it with us in the comments section.