Top 10 DIY iPad Stands

We all know iPad is the leading tablet in the market right now and has been the number one for quite a while now. But strangely enough, Apple did forget one thing to put in that shiny and quite expensive gadget and that is a stand for your device. There are many stands available that will help you to stabilize your iPad at an comfortable viewing and working angles but they are over rated too. So in this post we have collected Top 10 DIY iPad Stands that don’t break the bank, are easy to make and can even be used to flaunt your creative skills.

1. Wooden iPad Stand

Wooden iPad Stand

Easy to do it yourself, just grab a piece of rectangular wood then  using a sand paper just polish it a bit to take away all the splints and sharp edges. Make sure it is big enough to cope with the weight of the reclined tablet but not ridiculously big though, so you don’t have to carry around a bulky stand all the time.

An ideal stand should be slightly heavier than the tablet itself. Then use a power tool or just a plain saw and cut it at an angle. Measure before to match the size of the device and use a pen to mark where to cut it. I always say, measure five times and cut just once.

If you want to go further, you can even drill some holes for the charging cable. Finally, you can even paint it or just use a permanent marker to draw something nice on it, like an Apple logo!

2. Business Card Holder Stand

Business Card Holder DIY iPad stand

This solution is very cheap; you can find all sorts of business card holders under 1 $. Just make sure it is wide & strong enough to hold your shiny new iPad. This solution is ideal if you use your tablet on the clean desk as it requires plain and hard surface to withstand the weight of the device.

3. iPad Box DIY iPad Stand

iPad Box DIY iPad Stand

Yes, with a little bit of duct tape and a pair of scissors you can actually modify the box in which your tablet was bought and build an Stand from it. Plus, you can position Apple logo in the center to make it look “original”. Your imagination is the limit, If it is too late and you’ve already thrown the box away just use any cardboard box you can find in your house, it doesn’t really matter. For example a taller box can be easily cut at an angle and without requiring strenuous work at all. You can go further and print some images or use cheap gift wrap paper to wrap it around and make it more colorful.

4. Photo Frame Support

Photo Frame Support

If you can trick your folks to let go of your “my first time at the pool” picture that sits on the living room table, than you can just replace the photo frame with your new best mate, the iPad. Picture frame off – iPad on.

5. Wire Support System

Wire Support System

For this you just need 1 meter of thick wire. Just go and buy some from your local DIY store. Then use a pair of pliers to bend it in such way to make yourself a decent support. Just make sure it is thick enough to hold the device but not thicker to make it hard for you to bend it at all.  Try to shape it like an “L” and remember that the triangle is the most solid natural structure.

6. Books iPad DIY Stand

Take the two biggest books (containing enormous pages) you have in your house. Please make sure they are hard bound. Open them and then place one into another. Being so big the cover of the one on top will stand up at a reclined angle and provide you a very nice iPad stand.

7. Pillow

Pillow iPad DIY Stand

This one is for lazy guys like me who spend all day long in their bed or on the sofa. I confess this is the one used by me. Just take a fluffy pillow and wrap it so that makes a nice support. Alternatively you can use a jacket or other piece of cloth you can find, for example your pajamas.

8. Lego DIY iPad Stand

Lego DIY iPad Stand

Well, my younger brother is a Lego addict. Just like me with iPad! He can spend hours in making all kinds of things like warships, cars, houses, and yep, the iPad supports. Just make sure you got enough Lego pieces. Start with the base, make it very strong as it has to support the reclined stand for your tablet. I recommend you add at least four layers of Lego bricks before starting to build the upper part. Use your imagination to make it colorful as to your personal taste. One might even add some cheap colored stickers on the sides.

9. The Duct Tape Guru

Duct Tape iPad Stand

Everybody has big role of duct tape at home. Let’s make use of it to build ourselves a nice iPad stand. You may have to use some other tools like three bottles of Coke. Just put two of them at the bottom, one parallel to another. Glue them together using the duct tape.

Put the third over these two right in the middle to make a triangular shape. Tie everything nicely and voila! You just build a stand for your device that also has the advantage of being able to quench your thirst. Remember you can combine the drinks too, and have three types there. One may even try with beer cans, but be careful as they are so thin and can easily bend. Do remember that iPad and all types of liquids are old enemies so be very careful when you drink from your DIY stand.

10. Live DIY iPad Stand

Live DIY iPad Stand

A stand as lively as a cat can be used for your iPad. Of course you will need to convince your pet to accept this “job” and the best way is with some treats and sweet talks. The warmth of the device will however convince it to stay put and cope with you browsing on the Internet. Just be careful about the sounds your iPad makes which might disturb your pet and it might end up fleeing the scene together with your precious device.