Tips for Using Evernote on iPad

iPad is one device in the present time that is a must for everybody. Everyone needs it, everyone must have it. Period. But just having an iPad isn’t everything. The heart of any device, or the thing that enhances its utility is the apps it has. If you have used iPad, or any device for that matter, the odds are that you must have used or downloaded an app at some point of time. Many times people ask questions such as which is the best app? You see there are hundreds of categories across which apps are divided.


Thus you can’t really compare a gaming app to a designing app. That would be like comparing bananas with buffaloes. But there is a not much difference between being the best app and being the most useful app. Enough of the suspense. Well, the most useful app that you will find on iTunes for your iPad is Evernote. Since its launch in 2008, Evernote captured the imaginations of people. The number of ways in which it could be used was simply amazing. And even after 5 Years it still tops the charts. The basic reason behind it is that since its not for a particular set of audience it can be used by anyone! Be it heavyweight corporates, small businessmen, house wives, students, teachers, anyone! Its varied uses make it an app that is simply a must for your iPad.

But there’s one problem. For years, people have kept hearing how awesome Evernote is: how it could store everything you possibly needed, make it available everywhere, and how scores of people couldn’t live without it. But still there are many out there who can’t quite see its appeal. Don’t worry folks I’m here to help you familiarize with this amazing app. After this not only will you use it, but also enjoy it.

What exactly is Evernote? Why Do I need it?

Evernote is a cross-platform app that serves many purposes—it can be your digital file cabinet, note-taking tool, daily journal, task or project management system, recipe-keeper, and more. Because it has so many uses and different features, Evernote appeals to a lot of people. If you’re unfamiliar with Evernote, the app utilizes “notebooks” — basically a system of folders and subfolders that become increasingly helpful as you create more. Greater organization makes it easier to recall exactly what you need at a later date, across any platform.

Evernote can thus serve as your “everything” inbox. Thanks to its cross-platform support (desktop apps, web apps, and mobile apps) you really can offload all of your reference materials, ideas, to do tasks, or other digital items to Evernote and never worry about where you’ve collected all those random bits of information. It’s one container to store them all. Once you learn to use Evernote fully, understand all of its functions it can practically serve you as your second brain. Now that’s a good thing, right? While it is easy for Evernote to get lumped into all the other online services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, there are plenty of differences.

One main difference is that in Evernote all notes gets converted into a proprietary file format which gives you the ability to scroll throughout notes visually, ability to search for text in your pictures, pdfs, and handwritten notes. With all the exiting stuff happening in your life, who has the time to remember each and every little thing. Right? Well you no longer need to, just leave it all to Evernote and rest assured.

Evernote and its Uses

The number and types of uses Evernote has makes it impossible to list them all. Seriously, I’m not kidding. The problem (or rather the key feature) Evernote has is that it can be used anywhere, by anybody at, anytime. Thus the uses I enlist below will only be the tip of the iceberg, that’s Evernote.

Here are some basic and simple uses to give you a headstart-

You stumble across a good paper or article, but you have no time to read

You may be surfing on the net and may just read a fascinating headline or a paper, and you want to read it! But there’s no time, you’re getting late for work!!Or while checking your emails one of your friends may have sent you a good paper or article or an interesting link. Then all you need to do is let Evernote take control. With Evernote you get a specific address to email attachments that looks like- (just a sample).

All you need to do is just send the email to this Evernote email address. Evernote takes care of the rest. In your email message you can actually direct the attachment to a specific notebook with proper syntax in the subject line of the email. [Subject: This is the subject of the note @Notebook #tag1 #tag2 #tag3 Note title comes first, tags and notebook that are used must already exist. Also, notebook cannot contain “@” or “#” and tags cannot contain “#”.]

Off to a business meeting, workshop or a conference? Use Evernote.

When you go into a business meeting or any other workshop you are bound to meet new people. And you’ll naturally need to keep in touch. Here, you use Evernote Hello app to scan in new business cards. It automatically fills out the contact information into the right fields and then imports all the data into Outlook. Trash the business card before you even leave the conference. Evernote also makes it really easy to keep up with professional accreditation hours from conferences.

Take audio notes to capture lectures

As a student the hardest thing is to keep up with the speed of the lecturer. If you concentrate on writing you will surely miss some stuff that needs concentration to understand. Thus you have Evernote here to help you again. You can record lectures on Evernote for iPad via the audio recording feature on the app, (using the built-in microphone). Now there’s no reason to worry about missing valuable information if you don’t feel up to speed with your note taking skills. Just sit-back — pay attention and hit record during those long and never-ending lectures.

Save notes and highlights from Kindle

If you love reading books then there must be some passages or verses that you love to read again and again. Or there may be some part of the book that you want to share with someone. Here there are two apps that work in unison to help you accomplish it. First, use Kindle to a highlight certain passages or make notes. You can import these easily into Evernote. To do that you’ll need to log into your Amazon Kindle page. This page has a list of all your books, with links to the notes and highlights. Next just highlight your text and use your Chrome Evernote Clipper to highlight and clip into Evernote.

Save, forget, and search later.

There was a time when we used to bookmark the WebPages that we would have liked to visit again. Bookmarking was a great feature back in the days of the first web browsers, but on the modern Web it feels a bit creaky. Maybe bookmarks are no longer doing their job as well as they could be because trying to find one bookmark in your bookmark menu is like looking for a needle in a pile of a thousand needles especially if you can’t remember the keyword. But now Evernote has made your job much easier, especially if you’re offline. Whenever you read something good online, just save it on Evernote with Evernote clipper for Chrome. You can save the actual web page – text, links, images and all with a single click or if you just like to remember a certain section you can highlight and save directly into Evernote.

Take Snapshots to Remember

Everyone takes pictures here and there. But the fact that the iPad’s photo albums make it clattered and haphazard is a pain in the backside. Thus you can use the built in camera to save the pictures directly into Evernote. You can arrange them into folders and access them as per your use. This is especially useful for students to take notes. Just take a snapshot of the whiteboard arrange it according to the subject, and you’re good to go. This modern-day note-taking trick becomes very valuable later at review time, when you need to remember the important points that were made and discussed in the class.

Some Key Tips

Alright. So now you know what Evernote is all about, what it can do and how to do it. But there are a few things that very few people do that make your Evernote experience even better! But fear not I’ll make sure that you are well versed with all of them. So read on-

In hurry? Here’s how to add notes quickly

The typical way of adding the notes, i.e. tapping into a notebook, hitting the plus button, and then filling out the details is a tad lengthy. Thus when you’re in a bit of hurry you’ll need a faster alternative.For this all you need to do is
Launch Evernote for iOS from your iPhone or iPad, and you’ll see the familiar Home screen, with green tabs for All Notes, Notebooks, Tags, Places, and the grey Premium Features tab. In the upper center area, or the upper right if you’re holding your device in a landscape orientation, you’ll see three icons.

Starting at the left of these icons is the Add New Note button. Tap this to go right to the note editing process, adding body text, images, or audio as you like.

The next Quick button looks like a camera. Tap it to go right to the Add Image Note screen. It looks a lot like the iOS Camera app, with a different shutter snap button at the bottom. Simply aim and shoot anything you like. Evernote will process the image for a second, and then you can either capture more photos to go into the note, or hit the checkmark button to finish adding images. The note will be titled Snapshot, but you can edit that in the note itself.

PDF Markup

You can annotate your documents, contacts, scans, and more with the PDF markup feature that Evernote has now. Thus you can directly add notes and highlights to important documents that need edits. Although this feature is limited to Evernote Premium and Business users it can be used by the free users as a part of the 30 day trial.

Create Reminders on Evernote

I know apple has its own reminder app and in most cases its quite enough. However if you’re looking to remind yourself of the things you keep in Evernote, or are just looking for an alternative to the Reminders app in iOS, you can try the reminder app provided by Evernote.

AirDrop Support

Sharing notes and documents was never easier. For this you don’t really need a great internet connection to send important documents. All you need is the person to be in the vicinity. In any note, tap the share icon and choose AirDrop. You’ll see the people near you who have AirDrop enabled. Choose one or more of them, and share away!!

The Most Important Tip

The most important thing you need to do, to understand Evernote and its functionalities better, is use it. Yes, its that simple! Just commit yourself to it and jump in with both feet. Its really not going to suit you if you’re just using it for 2 or 3 tasks here and there, because absolutely, it doesn’t do any one thing perfectly and it’s not as fast as other apps. But use it as much as you can and you will slowly grow accustomed to it.

It will surely start to show its brilliance once you start using it as your default bookmark/webclip app, note taker, recipe box, repository of all your reference material, and so on. Trust me, start using it for anything you need to remember or arrange and you’ll love it.