Savvy UK Shoppers: Look elsewhere for the Apple Watch

For just under a month now, the Apple Watch has been available for tech-fanatics to get their hands on the latest innovative and in-demand product from the geniuses at Apple.

The Apple Watch, like other Apple products before it, doesn’t come cheap. However, shoppers in the UK will have to loosen the purse strings more than others if they want to get their hands on one of these highly desirable products.

As long as the demand for the Apple Watch remains high, it could be a number of years before we  see a drop in price, and this is bad news for UK shoppers because at present, Apple Watches are not  affordable to say the least.

Currently the Apple watch is only being sold in nine countries worldwide including the UK, the

United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, France and Germany, and to celebrate its release Voucherbox have produced an infographic that highlights the prices that this product is  being sold for in these different countries.


As you can see, there are three different versions of the Apple Watch and these are the Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch Edition and the Apple Watch, with the Apple Watch Sport being the  cheapest and the Apple Watch Edition being the most expensive.

In the UK, every model of the gadget is more expensive than it is in other countries, including fellow

European nations France and Germany. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the United States is the country that has all three models available at the cheapest price, which is understandable due to the fact that the value of the US Dollar has decreased in recent times.

An alternative that savvy British shoppers can turn to is purchasing the Apple watch online from an American supplier. Even with the overseas delivery charges, the likelihood is that it’s still going to be a cheaper option alternative to buying it in the UK.

Just to put it into perspective, the cheapest model you can purchase in the UK is the 38mm Apple Sport Watch which is available at the price of £299, which is £67 more expensive than it is sold for in the US. The most expensive model which is sold in the UK is the Apple Watch Edition and is available for around £8000 which is considerably higher than the £6,672 price which it is being sold for in the United States.

Despite the enormity of UK prices however, there are many customers that believe that the prices are justified due to some of the immensely futuristic and unique features that the Apple Watch comes with:

Superior connectivity

The Apple Watch certainly takes connectivity to a new level! When you’re wearing this fashionable gadget you may as well leave your phone at home as for owners of the iPhone 5 model, or more recent models, you can connect your mobile device to your Apple Watch and this will allow you to access all your emails, text and phone calls in an easier and quicker way.

Apps for all tastes

It’s hard to imagine, but when it comes to using different apps, it’s just as easy to use them on the Apple Watch as it is on the iPad or the iPhone. Social media networks, music and fitness apps are examples of some of the most popular apps that the Apple Watch has available, but there are also many apps for customers of different tastes such as news, cooking and travel apps, making this gadget a product of convenience.

Find yourself a bargain and get your hands on 2015’s must-have gadget.