How to Monitor Data Usage on iPad + Best Apps

The iPad is to an overwhelming degree of time used to browse the Internet. Either you use it to check your email, to chat with others, to integrate yourself with others on social hubs like Facebook or Twitter and overall the amount of time spent on the Internet is vast. Still, the access to Internet is never free and in order to go online you must first sign a contract with a provider and setup the access at your location (either at home or office).

But depending on your provider the access to the Internet can be quite expensive. Most of the times though they will offer what it is called: an access plan. That means that the amount of data is charged at a specific rate (normally lower than usual) and if you go over that rate you will have to pay more. This cluster invoice is very popular and should not be any problems with having such contract. But you never know.

You normally cannot change the payment plan so easily and as many times you want. Plus you may never know what service you might discover online that you like and takes a lot of your quota.

In order to somehow monitor your access and the amount of data you are spending (using) you can make use of some apps that do it for you. Here are the best apps to monitor data usage on iPad:

My Data Usage Pro- LINK

My Data Usage Pro

A nice app to monitor your data usage every day. Pay just a few cents for this app and it assures the removal of month by month telecom company data usage extravaganza. This app will monitor every byte you will take down from the Internet and let you know exactly when to stop before these bytes will become more expensive.

It is a decent size app of only 16 MB and it comes with a huge languages support such as English, French, German or even Romanian, Swedish, Turkish and so many others. It is compatible with all Apple family beginning with the iPad and continuing to iPhone or iPod touch. All must have preinstalled iOS 4.3 or a latter version.

Data Buddy – LINK

Data BuddyWe present you a cool neat app to monitor the bytes you are taking down from the Internet though your carrier servers. Of course it features counters and you can set the limit to get the warnings in due time. Because this app counts the data usage so accurately you can receive all kind of reports that you can use to actually predict how you actually use the internet and how big the invoicing plan should be. It is nice to know beforehand the amount of data you will have to book.

Data Buddy app is also able to provide you with graphs so you can also see visually the data. And best part is is that all this is included in only 0.8 MB! It is available only in English and does require the iOS 4.2 or a more recent version. And to top it all it has an astonishing graphics that look amazing on your iPad’s Retina Display.

Data Usage for iPad LINK

Data Usage for iPadJust to be on the safe side and monitor your data usage, this app will give you peace of mind. You need to set the quota first and then just let the app to count byte by byte data. Depending on user first input the app calculates and shows percentage of usage. This is by far the easiest way to keep everything in control. The app runs in background and really does not eat so much of your precious RAM (Read Access Memory). On top of it, Data Usage also works on cellular line but does a a fine job on Wi-Fi too. To be more precise, it works on all providers around the entire world.

At the end of the billing period it will automatically reset the counter to begin new fresh counting for your next invoice. It even has a progress bar for easier readability. To make things a bit more pleasurable it will also give you the daily allowance account. For latter reference you can have your history recorded and go back to it any time you need. This app has only 3.2 MB to download and comes in English language. It works on iPad and even iPhone 5. All devices must have pre-installed iOS 6.0 or a more recent version.

Data Counter – Data usage for all carriers by Marco Ancona LINK

Data Counter - Data usage for all carriers by Marco AnconaLast updated in April 2013 Data Counter is a light app that will take away your worries for data usage. You only need to download 5.9 MB (the size of this app) and then install in one of the language provided: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese or Japanese. It will work on iOS 5 or a later version. The latest version is 2.0.2. This app counts either the cellular data usage or Wi-Fi data. It produces astonishing visual graphs in the form of a circle that slowly fills up day by day as you consume your data allowance.

These circles will also have in the center the percentage of the allowed data. Couldn’t be easier! And to top it up it has on the same screen, today quota as well. This is the perfect app to keep your costs under control and save money in the long run.