How to Make an Attachment on iPad

Although iPad is made especially for “fun” which includes taking, viewing pictures and videos or just browsing the web and furthermore integrating yourself with the social hubs like Facebook and Twitter or Google. But sometimes you just find the need to use for productivity also. And this means creating content and (most important) sharing it with other users.

The way to do it is by initiating some kind of flux of information between two or more recipients. The most common way to exchange information is via email. But productivity usually means you have to exchange other than just text, like big files. This can be done by sending such files to the recipients via email, as attachments.

How to Make Attachment on iPad

How Windows handles Attachments

So far, so good, but with iPad there is a slight problem: it runs iOS which is does things quite differently than usual Windows. For example in Windows, in order to send an email with an attachment, you must follow the following steps: open you email program. It can be either Outlook or straight from your browser say for example Gmail. Then click the New Message button (this can be slightly different according to the email app you use). After that just hit the Attach button (again, some difference may occur) and then browse through your computer for the file you want to send. Once located hit Attach, wait to load, write your text in the body of the email and click Send. That’s it!

How to Make Attachment on iPad

However, when it comes to iOS things are not so straight forward. This is because it uses an entirely different architecture with each process dealt in a different way, although the result is similar (the recipient gets the attachment).

Type of extensions allowed as attachments on iPad

First you should know what type of files iOS can handle as attachments. These are: Photos (means the extension s are: jpg, tiff or gif), Pages (extension: pages), Microsoft Office files (extensions are: doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx), Keynote (extension: key), Numbers (extension: numbers), Adobe Portable Documents (extension is: pdf) and some others like rtf, vcf or txt

The Easy Way to Make Attachment on iPad

The easiest way to attach the files in iOS (on iPad) is to copy the file and paste it directly into the body of the email itself.

Another and most common way is to open the file you want to send in the specific application used to view or edit it and then use the Send option from each app. This will automatically launch the email service app together with your attached file, ready to be sent away.

Send Documents as Attachments on iPad

The most popular type of document creator on iPad is the Office 2 HD app. To email a document from this app you have to first open the app by tapping the respective icon from the Homescreen. Then open the Inbox and find the specific document you just want to send as attachment via email. Then you need to click on the disclosure button that is in a round format and has an arrow on it. To be more specific, this button can be found near the right hand side of your document name.

After clicking on this button you are presented with the option ’email file’. To proceed sending the document as attachment you need to click on this button. After clicking it you will immediately notice another pop up saying “New Message”. It is an classic email form and the nice thing is that it already has the specific file attached for you. Now you just need to enter the email address (or addresses if you want to send it to more than one contact) and click the Send button and you’re done. It is not that complicated, but it is a bit different comparing to the way you may be used on previous operating systems.

Send Other Files as attachments on iPad.


To send other type of files, such as photos for example you have two easy options. You may choose one option over another depending on the size of the file you want to actually send. In the first  method you start by opening the Photos app. Just gently tap the icon to open up this photos app. While on this app go ahead and browse your iPad to find the photo you want to send it as an email attachment. When you find the image you desire, just open it to full screen.

Then, in the right hand side corner you will notice a small icon. This icon looks like a little box with a little arrow and that is exactly where you’re headed. Tap on this icon and after doing so you a Menu will Pop up. Select from the various options the ‘Email Photo’ option, tap it and you will see a ‘New message’ window. The nice thing is that this new message has already your file attached. All you need to do next is to write down the text and then go ahead and select the recipient or recipients of your message or just type them directly and finally just click Send.

The Second Method, is suitable if your file is much bigger (at a full resolution for instance). To use this method just navigate to your desired image like in method 1, but when you see the Menu, tap on the Copy option instead. You then have to open your email app. After you’re in the app, Tap the compose message option to write a new email. Then write your text in the body of the email and quickly tap it twice. You will be presented with the option to paste from virtual memory. Go ahead and do that and you will notice that the original size photo is there, ready to be sent as an attachment. Next all you need to do is just to click Send and you’re done.

There are probably many more methods to make attachment on iPad and if you know of any, feel free to share them  in the comments section.