How to Install WinterBoard on iPad

Winterboard is an extra ordinary application that can be readily utilized in Jailbroken iPad’s or other iOS devices to enhance the quality of themes and other graphics. The main use of Winterboard is its ability to alter the style of several characteristics of your iPad. Such aspects include the icons, docks and the status-bar on the iPad. The human nature is always evolving and it is very essential that your devices also evolves right with you.

It is simply boring to watch the same themes on your iPad again and again therefore we have a expert solution now known as Winterboard that satisfies all your digital need for creativity. If you want to spice up your iPad’s graphics then Winterboard is the ultimate app for you. Winterboard brings about an inclusive graphical transformation on your iPad that is limitless.

In order to install Winterboard on your iPad the first and foremost thing to do is to Jailbreak your iPad. To do so, you can easily follow the instructions listed in the next section of this post.

How to Install WinterBoard on iPad


Jailbreaking you iPad lifts off all  the restrictions and takes your device to a whole new level of possibilities. Jailbreaking is totally concerned with innovation and personalization of your device so it can reflect your personality and help you stand out from the rest of mundane competitors. Jailbreaking as the name reflects is a breakthrough from all inhibitions. These limitations are placed in the first place by the Apple in all of its products including the iPad, in order to limit the use of certain applications, features or customization by the user that are not associated with the Apple corporation. Jailbreaking in a certain way provides us freedom to explore the world of apps and features therein.

Jailbreaking includes typing commands into your system that are specific for every iPad model. However latest software  are also available that easily Jailbreak your device. Such software include redsnOw, the Snowbreeze and the Absinthe, that ca jailbreak your iPad with a simple flicker of your finger.


The installation of the Winterboard is a generally easy to do, however the instructions have to be followed precisely to achieve triumph. The step has to be executed in an organized manner otherwise the installation will not take place. One problem that usually arises during installation is that “your system does not support the program”, the said difficulty occurs due to the mismanaged execution of the installation steps. There are eight straightforward and uncomplicated steps involved in installing Winterboard after your iPad is Jailbroken. The steps have been briefly explained below:

Step 1. First of all you need to have Cydia in your iPad for Winterboard to be able to install in your iPad. Therefore launch the Cydia from your iPad through the Springboard. So, go to Home and tap Cydia.

Step 2. After Cydia launches successfully tap on the Search tab that is located at the bottom tab bar. Write “ Winterboard” in your Search tab to find it.

Step 3. When search is successful and you find the Winterboard , tap it in order to open it.

Step 4. The latest Winterboard version would appear depending upon the latest updates of the software done recently. When it appears tap Install on the upper right corner.

Step 5. A Confirm Option will appear at the upper right corner of the screen. Tap on it to Confirm again.

Step 6. The Winterboard package installation will start and the entire installation process will be visible on the screen. Once installation is complete a notice showing “complete” will appear on the screen. Then reboot your iPad and wait for it to reboot and subsequently return to the Lockscreen.

Step 7. Once the reboot is done the screen will show Lockscreen. Then you can unlock your iPad by sliding. After unlocking a Winterboard icon should be visible on your Springboard. Tap the Winterboard icon.

Step 8. After you tap the Winterboard icon it launches and a GUI appears i.e. a graphical user interface which should be simple and  adequately easy to follow. All the Winterboard configuration options will also be visible now.

Now that Winterboard is installed and running on your iPad you can easily make use of it by enhancing all your graphics and finally be able to customize your iPad according to your own style. Winterboard by default already carries a few themes that are built-in but the best quality of Winterboard is the ability to download multiple themes at once. So congratulate yourself upon a successful execution of the installation and sit back to enjoy the vivid Winterboard on your iPad. The resulting graphics will be to your immense satisfaction and if not then you can always go back and reset the default factory settings.