How to Edit PowerPoint Documents on an iPad

Whether you are a new iPad user or have been using it for quite a while now, sometimes you just have to view or edit computer files like Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets or PowerPoint Presentations. There are a lot of iPad Apps available on the App store that let you edit MS Word or Excel documents. However, editing a PowerPoint presentation is a whole different scenario. Now every app is able to handle all the formatting, fonts, slideshows, transitions or Builds.

You can use a number of iPad apps to view PowerPoint presentations (.pptx or .ppt) but most of them lack the editing feature. Apps like DropBox, SlideShark, Apple’s own Safari and Mail can be easily used to view PowerPoint files. These will display the file in a single sheet though, instead of the much preferred SlideShow view.

When you need to create a PowerPoint document from scratch, or even edit one substantially – the apps listed above just don’t cut it. You need a more sophisticated App for that purpose. You have a few choices, you can either use Apple’s Keynote App, a third-party office suite like QuickOffice Pro HD, Documents to Go Premium, Office2 HD or you can even use Google Docs which is an online document creation and collaboration service provided by Google. Another option is to use a virtualization app like OnLive, CloudOn, Nivio or AlwaysOnPC Personal Cloud Desktop. These apps let you run Windows apps in virtual environment on your iPad. The best thing about this option is that you can edit or create a PowerPoint doc. using the MS Office suite itself.

Using Keynote

Keynote for iPad

Keynote is Apple’s stand-alone app used for creating and editing presentations. It is the stripped down version of the desktop app with same name. Although you might lose some content while importing a PowerPoint file directly into the Keynote App, it is the closest thing you can get to a PowerPoint doc on an iPad. It is a neat and easy to use tool for creating, editing and viewing PowerPoint files and presentations. A great touch-screen interface and a powerful suite of editing tools make this one of the best document editing tools available on the iPad.

Using an Office Suite

If Keynote app just doesn’t get the job done, you can always use one of these third-party Office Suites that will enable you to edit PowerPoint as well as Word and Excel files. You can use these apps to edit, delete or duplicate PowerPoint presentations easily.

Office2 HD

Office2 HD

This app not only provide PowerPoint editing and formatting capability to your iPad but also enables you to edit other Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel. You can create, edit, save .PPT files and insert images or numerous common shapes into your Presentation. This app is also integrated with the ability to connect and retrieve/edit your documents from Google Docs, DropBox and MobileMe iDisk at any time.

Apple iWork


Apple iWork for iPad gives you a close to Mac OS X document editing experience on iPad and better yet, its strongest forte is the way it handles Presentations. The app saves your files automatically and continuously to ensure data security and it is only minimized while you switch to other apps. The Presentation creation and editing is quick, prompt and simply better with iPad’s multi-touch interface.

Smart Office 2

Edit Using Smart Office 2

Smart Office 2 is both a document viewer and editor and you can use it to view or edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. You can also view other file types like PDF, JPG and access documents saved on Google Docs or DropBox. However, interface is bland and will take some time to get acquainted with, and also it won’t let you save your documents on Google Drive.

Polaris Office

Edit Using Polaris

Polaris Office brings Word processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations under one roof and helps you edit all the Office file formats. The interface is simple, intuitive, easy to use and the app can be used on iPhone too.

QuickOffice Pro HD

Edit Using QuickOffice Pro HD

QuickOffice Pro HD allows you to edit and create presentations with extensive focus on modifying Text attributes. You can also add images, common shapes, rearrange visual elements but you can’t however change the slide background.

Using Virtual PowerPoint For Windows

If these iPad PowerPoint editing apps do not satisfy your appetite or expectations and you probably want exactly the Microsoft Office expertise to handle your presentations then virtual PowerPoint for Windows is your best bet. These iPad apps let you connect to virtual Windows in Cloud  which eventually enables you to use PowerPoint for Windows right on your iPad.

Cloud On

Cloud On

You can create,  edit or review your PowerPoint presentations and other Microsoft Office Documents too. CloudOn then saves or retrieves your Presentations from Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive accounts. It also supports FileSpace to see all the log activity on your files and you can view almost all file types including PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.



OnLive is another cloud based app that brings Windows Office and other Windows software directly on your iPad with major interface improvements especially for touch compatibility. The standard free Sign up plan provides multi-touch Desktop, 2 GB of cloud storage,Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which can be upgraded to Pro Version having full Flash Browser, faster browsing speed and larger Data Storage.

AlwaysOnPC Personal Cloud Desktop

AlwaysOnPC Personal Cloud DesktopAnother Virtual Desktop Cloud iPad app that gives you access to Microsoft Office applications under the name of directly from your iPad. You can open, edit or save Microsoft Office documents including PowerPoint Presentations and other file Formats with this app. You can access DropBox and  browse using Chrome or FireFox with full Flash and Java-applet support in addition to other features. Animations, transitions, bullet/numbering, graphics, Templates and much more can be inserted into PowerPoint presentation directly from your iPad.


 NivioNivio is a flexible rent based virtual Windows cloud service that runs smoothly on your iPad and also comes with Windows Office. Windows Office can also be used according to your preferences and usage needs as it is rent based under Redmond’s Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). The interface is Windows 7-style and has a support for multi-touches and gestures to make everything smooth and easy to use.




Using Google Drive

 Google Drive

Google drive is an perfect alternative for the Microsoft Office applications and maybe even better because of its safe and fast Cloud service. You can create Presentations with Graphics, images, Videos, bullets-numbering, common shapes and much more directly from your iPad using Google Drive.  You can either use the official iOS Google Drive app or directly use the web version of Google Drive via any Web Browser like Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc. However, you can’t edit documents using the iPad Google Drive app and there is also a serious stability issue with the app, so we prefer and recommend the online Web version.