How Much Are iPads?

There are more than 56 types of iPad Apple makes and that gives customers a relaxation in terms of money they want to spend on this precious device. The Price range includes 16 main options; $249, $299, $349, $379, $399, $429, $449, $479, $499, $529, $579, $599, $629, $699, $729, $829. Depending on what price you are comfortable with, you get to pick from 56 models under 5 models, 4 memory configurations, 3 colors and 2 screen sizes.

In addition, among them you can choose either TouchID fingerprint sensor or built-in 4G wireless. You are also presented with a choice to consider the fastest iPad or the one with absolute best display. Whatever you like, make sure you know you are picking up the best among the variants available as sometimes the latest version doesn’t always correspond to the best configuration, since there are only minor updates for some models of iPad, take for example the iPad Mini 3 that only got a meager TouchID update in a course of one year.

So if you are confused about making the right decision before buying an iPad, you are on the right place, we have collected some information regarding iPad’s and made a guide that you can follow to narrow down your research to the best iPad for yourself among the 56 available.

Step 1: Size

How much are iPads

If you want to use your iPad for movies, reading and the like you are better off with 9.7 inch iPad Air Model as the screen size is pretty accurate for those kind of tasks. On the other hand, if you want an iPad for gaming, monitoring and other similar activities it is best to buy an iPad Mini with the screen size of 7.9 inch. Although the iPad Air is only 4 ounces heavier that the Mini, it sure will grow on you when you use it for a couple of hours.

Step 2: Choosing the Right iPad Mini

Choosing the Right iPad Mini

If you picked the iPad Mini there are certain things you need to consider before hopping on to buying the latest. If TouchID is high up in your list, then without going further you should buy an iPad Mini 3. Otherwise if you are okay without the TouchID, you can get an iPad Mini 2(iPad Mini Retina) for a $100 less. And if you just want an iPad, just for the sake of it, you can buy the original iPad Mini available for late adapters for $249 and up.

Step 3: Choosing the Right iPad Air

iPad Air

If you are more of an  iPad Air guy the choice is pretty easy. If you want an iPad with minimum screen reflection and that supports TouchID while staying the thinnest in the market, go for iPad Air 2 for $499 and up. If those features don’t make sense and you probably just want an iPad with bigger screen, go for iPad Air at just $399.

Step 4: Saving the extra $130

Among the various features that come bundled with iPad is the in-built 4G that comes for an extra $130. Depending on whether you are on run daily and need internet throughout the day you can choose the 4G Model. In case you are just an occasional user of internet, you can drop the 4G and use your phone’s portable Wi-fi hotspot instead.

Step 5: Choosing the Right Storage

iPad Storage

Whether you are planning to use your iPad for regular stuff or you are going to use it for movies, music and other more data hungry tasks, you can choose from different storage models available. While 16GB might seem lucrative in terms of money you put in, it is probably not a good choice in the long term as your iPad is sooner or later going to bloat with apps and app data. The sweet spot therefore is the 32 and 64GB models that cost a $100 more on the new models and only $50 on the older ones.

Step 6: The right Color

iPad Colors

When it comes to color, it is totally a personal preference. Given that iPad has a few more choices in new iPad line, you can choose between Black/Space grey, White/Silver and White gold for newer iPads while there are only two options for the older one’s. And there is no other way of personalization to add to your iPad except putting on a cover, you better choose the color you will be comfortable with for years to come.

We hope our guide helped you in narrowing down your search to the right iPad that fits your preference. If you have anything to add to this story, feel free to mention in the comments section.