How to Delete Photos from iPad

iPad is a nice technology partner to carry around wherever you go and its features help you to portray whatever you like to your friends, colleagues or boss. And because iPad is so suitably portable, more often than not it is used to carry photos and portfolios around as a perfect e-album. But what if you want some of the photos deleted just because you don’t like them or you don’t want anyone else to find out your photos. If that is the case, follow the below tutorial on How to Delete Photos from iPad:

How to Delete and Entire “Moment” in Photos from iPad

  • Go to your app drawer and tap on Photos app.


  • Along the bottom you will find Photos tab, tap on it.


  • The Photos tab lets you go from the top category of Years to Collections and finally to Moments. You want to be in the Moments section so drill down if you need to until you see Moments at the top.

  • You will see Select option at the top right corner, go ahead and tap on it.


  • Select the set of photos you want to delete.


  • In the bottom right corner you will find a Trash icon, tap on it.


  • Now all you need to do is, confirm the deletion of the files and that’s it.

How to delete photos from iPad

How to recycle Deleted Photos or Videos in Photos from iPad

  • Open the Photos app like previously shown.


  • From there, tap on the Album tab that appears at the bottom right corner.


  • You will see a recently deleted album in the Menu, tap on it.


  • Next, select the Photos or Videos you want to recover using the Select option at the top right corner.


  • Now, all you need to do is tap on the Recover button that appears at the bottom right corner.

Recover Deleted Photos from iPad

How to permanently delete pictures or videos in Photos from iPad

  • Tap on the Photos app from the App screen like shown before.


  • Tap on the albums tab like previously shown under recovery tutorial.


  • You will see a Recently deleted Album in the Albums folder. Tap on it.


  • Select the desired photos and videos using the Select option at the right hand upper corner.


  • All you need to do now is tap on Delete option that appears at the bottom left corner and you will have deleted your photos/videos permanently from your iPad.



We hope our tutorial helped you delete photos/videos from your iPad. If you have any further queries or suggestions, feel free to mention in the comments section.