How to Connect to a Remote Desktop Using iPad

Connecting to a remote desktop helps access your Desktop PC and control the desktop applications and other features therein directly from your portable iPad. The need for such a technique arises because there are some characteristics of the Desktop PC that an iPad simply cannot do. Therefore to be able to make use of both an iPad and the desktop by connecting remotely to desktop seems more than lucrative.

The idea of controlling your Desktop computer with an iPad is fairly divided, some people think that such a notion is a waste of time and others think it’s an ingenious idea. The choice is a reflection of how every other individual perceives to use their devices. The idea of controlling the entire Desktop PC with a remote interface from the iPad can be a challenging experience and also may take an enormous amount of time but it may be worth it all in the end. The long term advantages of connecting your iPad and desktop PC are greater than the short term disadvantages. For instance you want an application that is only present on the desktop computer but in this way you can utilize it from the iPad yourself without any objections.

How to Connect to a Remote Desktop Using iPad

A substantial amount of apps are available now that allow the users to connect their Desktop PC remotely with an iPad, such apps can be divided into two categories. One of the categories makes use of the Remote desktop protocol called the RDP in PC with the professional versions of the Windows 7 while the other versions including the Mac and Linux OS requires the Virtual network computing also called as the VNC to connect with iPad. As a majority of users run Windows on their Desktops, we have decided to explain about how to apply the VNC route.

  • First of all to carry out the entire process you have to go on the internet and search for a good app for connecting your iPad to the Desktop PC.
  • Out of the many available download apps one of them is “Desktop Connect” and has to be purchased. LogMeIn, and Splashtop is another such example.
  • Download the app “Desktop Connect” on your iPad by paying its introductory price that is $11.99. It uses the RDP usually but also accommodates the VNC. Then turn on your Windows PC and go to the configuration Setup where it will direct you to the download of a VNC server.
  • The Windows PC then informs the user that they need to download the VNC server that works with Desktop Connect. The VNC server also comes as an app and is available on the internet and one of the most efficient programs is the Tightvnc. The Tightvnc can be downloaded from the here.
  • After downloading the Tightvnc run the Desktop Connect on your iPad which launches and asks for the IP address of the PC along with the password in the form of computer name and authentication respectively.
  • After filling in the appropriate information the user should make sure that the VNC server is running on the PC.
  • Finally a big green arrow appears on your iPad screen, when you click it you can see and access your Desktop screen.
  • The appearance of the desktop screen is an indication that the entire process of connection has been achieved smoothly and successfully.

Now that the connection is created the user can have access to multiple programs such as the Photoshop, Microsoft Word etc. The most amazing feature is that you can surf the internet on the iPad and even visit sites where the Flash Player works and are otherwise not accessible through the iPad.

However, some people prefer to run their iPad and Desktop PC individually and may not like the new setting. There is no need for such people to panic as the entire setting is reversible. This can be achieved by stopping the running of the app that connect both these devices together, once disconnected, the devices will function normally according to settings with no complications what so ever. You can even revisit such setting to activate or deactivate it anytime you please.