Best Video Converters for iPad.

The entire industry of digital entertainment is facing a new phase of repercussion nowadays. It is the age of globalization where we can clearly see what people around the entire world are sharing with each other, in a way never possible before. We can see millions of people connecting online via the Internet and exchanging information of huge diversity. `

The age of computer has gone so far that in literally seconds someone from Canada can interact with another person from Japan for example and exchange information. Beside the scalability of the network we are facing now a new issue: the compatibility. This is because of the computers developed using separate methods and thus eventually leading to compatibility problems. And when we speak about computers we mean all sorts of the devices, from phones to tablets, laptops and desktops all together.

In the struggle to be the market leader the major companies developed their own type of architecture either for their machines – the hardware, either for their data processing – the software or even both. This is the easiest way to trap the users into a single company; if you buy the hardware then you will also need the software but since you cannot buy from somewhere else then you must take it from the same vendor. This practice is so simple and it works flawlessly. But with the globalization comes the alternatives as well; there are huge number of free alternative that are cross platform or better yet, there are types of applications that will just convert those files from one architecture to another. And since we mentioned the new age, the most interesting type of information that people take most interest in now is the video sharing.

Up until recently it was not possible to exchange video files so easily, first because they were recorded and stored in a huge amount of data package which made it even harder to share through a limited network connection. With the new technologies you can record videos in ion using not an outstanding amount of storage space, so first issue is resolved. And then comes the sharing part, fixed also via the newly developed broad band type of Internet access. Still, in order to be able to actually see the files, you need a fully functional converter which brings us to Best Video Convertors for iPad.

Xilisoft iPad Video Converter- LINK

Xilisoft iPad Video Converter

This is truely a state of the art app. It will convert just about any type of video you can get your hands on, no matter the quality. This application is so complex it even converts audio standalone files into iPad specific supported formats. Furthermore Xilisoft iPad Video Converter can even extract the audio from a specific video and convert it to match iPad needs.

Speaking of complexity, this app is also able to split the files and extract some segments from the video. Say for example you want to make a video commercial: just film in any format you like then take it down to this app to extract the scenes you want and when satisfied by the result just convert it all to file format for iPad. It’s this easy to do it with this app.

Video processing by default means a top of the range machine due to the huge amount of processing involved in this type of task but with this app you don’t need to worry about system resources because it has support for multi-core processing integrated as well. Plus you can use the background function. So go ahead and convert any type of video to iPad’s mts or m2ts or h.264 type or audio such as aac or m4a or even mp3. This app even gives you the possibility to extract pictures from your videos, to previews or take screen shots anytime while playing the preview.

 iPad Converter Ultimate by GMTVideoSoft- LINK

 iPad Converter Ultimate by GMTVideoSoftThis is another top of the range video conversion tool for iPad. It will help you convert a huge type of video formats, such as avi, wmv, mpeg, flv, mkv, m2ts to iPad. The job is done in an incredible high quality and speed. This app is so complex it even can extract audio column from the featured videos.

Furthermore you can split your videos, extract some segments and then glue them together to form a new video plus converting it to your iPad format. You can even edit the movies, for example those 16:9 type that have those black bars on top and at the bottom; using this app you can get rid of them in no time.

Should you wish to copy protect your work with this app you can add watermark on it. Needless to say that you have also control of your video’s color saturation, its brightness, its contrast and so on. This is a very complex app that delivers astonishing results and Comes in a package of 25.5 MB and provides solution to all your converting issues.

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