Best Places to Buy a Second Hand iPad and Tips

Apple has always been known to pull out stuff  cherished by everyone. And they didn’t do their reputation any harm when they launched the First Generation Apple iPad in 2010. As was expected the Apple iPad took the world by storm, and rightly so. Even now, 3 years after its launch, it is a gadget everyone loves. All that is not for no reason. Its features and specifications are simply irresistible. Now aren’t they? Not to forget the sleek design that it has also adds up as a visual treat. More importantly for some it acts as a really strong chick magnet! After all anyone who can afford an iPad is, to put it mildly, loaded. But not everyone has 500 bucks to spend on a fancy “gadget” (sorry Apple!).

Thus seeing the problem Apple launched iPad mini in 2012, at a lower price. But it surely did not have the same feel as the original iPad. After all there is no such feeling as having an iPad in your palms to flaunt. But you can still buy an iPad at a cost that you can perhaps afford. Yes! There is always an option to buy a second hand iPad. You may miss out on some stuff such as having a glistening finish to your iPad or having the honor of peeling the cover of the brand new iPad. But still having an iPad, you can call your own is a honor in itself.(PS-For those wondering, I don’t work for Apple it just simply deserves all the praise I’m showering it with).

Now there are plenty of tablets available in the market that you can get at the cost of a second hand iPad. But ask anyone who knows even a little bit about technology. Apple iPad wins hands down! There may be number of queries regarding where to buy a second hand iPad? What stuff to check before buying it? And most importantly is it worth the risk? Well, I’m here to put an end to all these queries right here, right now.

Why Should I Buy a Used iPad?

There is no disagreeing the fact that a new iPad is always better than an old one. A brand new first hand iPad 2 will cost you 399 bucks. And this is the lowest cost you will get for any standard sized iPad. No one can label the $399 price tag as cheap. But if you don’t have enough dough to shed on it you can always buy a used one. You can get the same iPad, with the same features, same specifications but with one big difference. Its cost. You can get an used iPad for as low as 50% of its retail price. You don’t need to be a Maths Professor to know that this is a hell of a bargain.

The world of technology is progressing each and every second. A tablet or a Smartphone you have today will be retro tomorrow. Thus if you don’t want to be left holding an obsolete version, buying a second hand tab is the way to go. You can of course buy the latest tab once it hits the market. New iPad’s may not have cellular data plans yet, you need to spend more on subscription expenses. But the used one is very likely to have a suitable data provider and the most updated package. That’s a burden off your back.

An older iPad will surely come with a few installed applications. If luck’s on your side there may be a few paid applications installed too! It will save you the time and the botheration to install new apps and software. The previous owner may have bought some stuff such as iPad covers, screen guard, wireless keyboard, iPad case etc to enhance his experience. It’ll surely enhance your experience too!

This may not seem that important, but trust me, it is one of the most important reasons you will get. By buying an used iPad, you get to save tons of tech garbage that may accumulate in dump-sites when you recycle an old unit. This helps the environment in a tremendous way. Let’s go green for a change.

Points to Check While buying a Second-Hand iPad

Before you buy any used iPad from the places mentioned later in this article you need to check a few things to make sure that you are not fooled. Let’s check these out:

1) Warranty

Warranty is an agreement between the company and the buyer stating that if anything should go wrong in your device without your own fault , the company shall bear the expenses of its repair. It of course contains many hidden points and conditions thus you must read any warranty agreement thoroughly. It is kind of cool that iPad’s warranty is transferable if the unit is bought within a year! Thus if you buy an iPad that is comparatively new you get reduced cost along with the cushion of a warranty. Make sure to check how much of the warranty period is left before buying it.

2) Seller’s Original Receipt

It’s really important for multiple reasons to make sure that you get the seller’s receipt or the bill before buying it from the previous owner. Firstly, if you have the original receipt you can call the Apple service center to transfer the warranty in your name, if the iPad is less that 1 year old. Make sure you do this, it’s really important. Secondly, all the processes at the Apple store will be quite smooth if you have receipt to show. For example if your headphones stop working for some reason, go to the Apple store and show them your older receipt. They’ll keep the old headphones and give you a new set, free of cost! Sweet! Isn’t it?

3) Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most important things to consider while buying a new device. After all what good is it if it can’t be used when you need it most? Now, it is a known fact that as any device gets older and its battery performance goes down. A brand new iPad can provide about 10 hours of battery life while multitasking. But the performance of the used iPad is bound to be less. But the battery problem is no biggie, get replacement coverage for a defective battery through the unit’s one-year warranty if the used unit is still covered. Also Apple will happily replace the battery if the battery capacity goes below 50%. But if your device is not in the warranty period you can always buy a new battery for about 100 bucks.

4) Product Condition

This one’s a no brainer I guess. The first thing anyone will check while buying any device is its looks. Scratches, dents and marks are a sign that the device has been used considerably. Keep this in your mind while checking the device out. Also check if the screen has a any dead pixels or faults. You can ask the seller for a video of his iPad to check if it’s working properly. Check the USB ports, earphone port and of course the charging point. Check each and every aspect before shedding your hard earned money.

5) Accessories

What good is your iPad if can’t be charged, or if you can’t listen to your favorite music because of faulty earphones? Make sure all the basic accessories are in working condition. Make sure the charger wire is not loose and neither is the slot because if there is a slightest disturbance around, it will stop the charging process. After all you don’t want to set you iPad for charging as if it’s a nuclear reactor. Another thing you must clear up before paying is, will you get any additional accessories? By additional accessories I mean screen protector, back cover, an iPad case, wireless keyboards, ear pads, power adapters or any other stuff the previous owner must have bought to enhance his iPad experience.

Where and How to Buy a used iPad?

This is 21st century and you wouldn’t expect anyone to go door to door trying to sell you something. Thus understandably, the best place to buy a used iPad is on the internet. There are plenty of websites that let you sell your old stuff by putting up unpaid advertisements. They are essentially the way to go. Allow me to give you the top three websites to buy used iPad’s.

1) Amazon

Buy A second hand iPad

This is one website where you will surely get what you are looking for. You ‘ll get many exiting deals that are simply irresistible. But make sure to check the points I mentioned above before buying. Also check out the seller reviews before buying.

2) Apple Online Stores

Second hand iPad Apple Store

Apple sells previously-owned, refurbished iPad’s on its online store of all generations and of each color and storage capacity, depending on availability. These units are backed by the same warranty as a new iPad and are also given a new battery and outer shell, which is helpful to know for those concerned about the quality of an used iPad. This is a really a reliable source. From my point of view, this would be the way to go. Just click buy now and follow the instructions leading to your used or new iPad. These units are backed by the same warranty as a new iPad and are also given a new battery and outer shell, which is helpful to know for those concerned about the quality of a used iPad

3) eBay

There are hundreds of used iPad’s available for a fraction of the price of new, and chances are most models have been used only lightly (i.e., for a few days or weeks before the owner chose not to keep it). You can find great bargains this way, but be sure to buy with only trusted, reputable sellers.

Allow me now explain the eBay buying process in short-
1) Firstly, you need to register on eBay. Its easy, quick and free! You will need to fill some basic information, agree to eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Confirm your email address.

with the same features, same specifications but with one big difference. Its cost. You can get an used iPad for as low as 50% of its retail price. You don’t need to be a Maths Professor to know that this is a hell of a bargain.

2) Once you find the item you wish to buy check the seller’s reputation, Starting bid & current bid, Buy It Now price, The Item Description, Sellers Payment Options and Sellers Feedback Rating.

Check Seller Rating

3) eBay has 2 kind of items. Fixed price items and Auction items. For the fixed price items you’ll have to pay the price listed next to it. Nothing complicated. But in the auction items you will have to place a bid. The bid amount you place has to be higher than that of the highest bidder at that point. Once the stipulated bid time is over the item is sold to the highest bidder.

Buy a Second Hand iPad on eBay

4) Lastly you need to pay for the item selected. You can pay via PayPal or your credit or debit cared. You can always contact the seller in case of any doubts over payment.Once the process is complete you will be a prowd owner of the Apple iPad.

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to contact. Cheers!