Best Money Management Apps for iPad Air 2: 2015 Edition

Apple’s apps store for iPad is still in its budding stage; constantly new apps are being added to the apps store to increase the iPad apps concentration.

We all know that all of the iPhone apps works perfectly on the iPad, but as they are not configured for bigger screen, the resolution is little vague.

The iPad apps store has some of the best money management apps focusing on your personal finances.. Here is a list of all the important apps for managing money on your iPad Air 2.

Money for iPad

Money for iPad

It is one of the most ample personal finance management apps from app store. It allows you to manage all you bills by using calendar and it also puts a reminder for your upcoming deadlines.

It provides you with all your financial data, like total amount in your different bank accounts.

The beautiful interface design makes its use quite simple and comfortable.

[App Store Link for Money]

Bills for iPad

Bills for iPad

With an interface designed to simulate the office look, this iPad Air 2 money management app allows you to plan and track all your expenses throughout the month. This app permits you to plan the amount you like to spend and the amount you have spent. Otherwise you may need to find a decent w-4 calculator, budgeting program, and/or a gaggle of other software. On top pf all that, this app can also warn you in case spend more than you planned for and help you manage your finances efficiently.

[App Store link for Bills on iPad ]

Cash Flow HD

Cash Flow HD

The selling point of this app is that it allows you to arrange your finances according to categories like money spent on car, commute, house, travel, business and more. You can organize the categories according to your will and the app will then manage it automatically and by the end provide you with a monthly report of your spending with an intuitive interface. In addition, this app supports different currencies and shows a detailed list of the transaction under each category.

[App Store link for Cash Flow HD ]

Chase Mobile
Chase Mobile

For on the go banking, this app is a must have in case you are Chase Bank customer. You can use this app to find your nearest chase bank or ATM, make a deposit, and you can even have a blueprint for your credit and debit cards. The interface is pretty decent with a web version on your iPad Air 2 as an app.

[App Store link for Chase on iPad ]


Checkbook iPad money Management App

If you wish to include all your bank accounts and money in them under one roof, this app is just the right thing for you. It allows you to add all the bank accounts and helps you keep track of money left in them. You are provided with an option either to enter your financial data manually or by importing OFX file from your bank. You can also add some detailed entries like income expenses, transactions etc. To protect your privacy it has a pin protection option and the cherry on top is its beautiful interface.

[App Store link for CheckBook ]

iCompta 2 personal finance

iCompta 2 personal finance

Manage multiple accounts, arrange them in groups and add all your accounts with this simple money management app for iPad Air 2. It can help you manage all your data in beautiful charts containing categories like monthly earning, savings, expenses and yes it does support multiple currencies. You can also sync your iPad with you iPhone or Mac and keep all the data password protected all the time.

[App Store link for iCompta 2 ]

Easy Books

Easy Books

Yet another app that lets you track of all your accounts, including your bank accounts, invoices, expenses, earnings etc. you can also add you debit and credit card statements. In addition you can handle your profits, VATs, balance sheets, debts of customers and suppliers, cash flow statements etc. The plus side of this app is that it is beautiful and at the same time very easy to use. You also get an option to generate customer invoices and delivery charts in PDF for print and it is also pin protected.

[App Store link for Easy Books ]

Mint Personal Finance

Mint Finance Manager

This Wonder app is developed by Mint. Using this app you can see your different personal finance account at a single place. Moreover you can track your credit card balance, Bill due date as well Resent transaction, Fast approaching budget, High spending alerts, recently used account and more.

[App Store link for Mint Personal Finance ]

We hope you liked our new 2015 edition of Best Money Management Apps for iPad Air 2. If you have any suggestions or any personal favorites, feel free to mention in the comments section.