Best File Sharing Apps for iPad

The era we live in is rightly and era of sharing. We can clearly see that online is just getting bigger with every passing day. There are millions of users that connect to the Internet daily only to interact and get in contact with one another. The social hubs just boomed lately because of the huge number of people that are coming and registering only for the sole purpose of interacting with their friends and people that share the same interests from all around world.

They say if you do not have a Facebook or Twitter account you just do not exist. Sure it is an overstatement but very true for the online world. Companies are promoting these sites free of charge on all their products. Some companies have their only presence online via these social hubs.

But what is it that makes them so popular? The answer is simple: sharing. People are using the Internet to share their digital content plus ideas and thoughts. But the most important besides socializing is the sharing of entire files and digital content. And it’s clear that iPad is probably the best device to use for such purpose so we have collected Best File Sharing Apps for iPad

ShareFile – LINK

ShareFile  Best File Sharing Apps for iPad

This app is able to help you share your files securely over the Internet. Classified as a business solution it is very versatile and complex. It give you the ability to sync your files too and provide users with secure access to storage solution.

This is an ideal app for the business or lifestyle people on the move as it helps take a break and move to another location and continue job from the point you left it earlier on PC. This app also has integration with your email account for sending massive files.

To top it up, it has the capability to just download the content and then view/edit it Offline. And speaking of security, Citrix ShareFile for iPad can integrate password protection access to the data you manage through this app. The complete download package has 23 MB size and it is available in English. It is compatible with iPad provided you have a preinstalled iOS 5.1 or a newer version.

Air Sharing for iPad- LINK

AirSharing for iPad

Another cool app that allows you to mount your iPad wirelessly as a separate drive on your computer. Once the system on the host sees iPad like a virtual hard disk then you have nothing more to do than to work with your files like normally on a computer.

This means to copy, cut, delete, rename, view and even edit documents straight on your iPad. The app is so flexible it can be used on a number of different computers running different Operating Systems. It can run under Windows and Mac but also Linux without the need for special software installed on the host but only special settings changed.

For example in Mac you just need to turn on Remote Login and you’re done. It even incorporates the drag and drop gestures to make things even more smooth. It works on iPad only if you already have an iOS 5 or later but first you will need to download the app, which is a 20.9 MB data package. And finally, and extensive language support like English, Portuguese or German, Russian and more make this one of the best file sharing app for iPad.

Box for iPhone and iPad- LINK

Box for iPhone and iPad

A businessmen’s escape, this app will provide a secure and easy sharing capabilities for your iPad . If you are part of a team you can indeed use this app to share all the necessary files with your colleagues via your iPad.

Download the 26.1 MB package of this app, install it and you can immediately have access to your files, view them, edit them and then share them straight from your iPad. If we speak about business security comes into mind instantly, but this app assures a high level of security too.

There are encryption modules available plus pass keyword access setting integrated into this app. Plus, for those in need of reporting, this app can provide you with visual graphs and statistics. Another cool thing about this app is the presence of one dedicated button that once tapped will load updates so you can always keep up with your work.

This app comes in eight languages and is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Optimized also for iPhone 5 it require that you already have installed iOS 4.3 or later on your device otherwise it is not compatible.

There probably are many better and best file sharing apps for iPad in the market, if you know of any such apps, feel free to share in comments section.