Best Audio Converters for iPad

The digital industry is having in our days a boost like never before. There are millions and millions of people going online and searching each second for something new and more interesting. We are living in the era of dramatic changes that takes part every second.

People are changing, habits are changing, our life is changing. In this digital era integration is the key to success. There are so many different devices that basically do the same things but most of them in essence are altogether different from each other. There are so many different operating systems, for example for tablets you can have Android, you can have iOS or Windows Mobile and a couple more not so popular.

Because each of the different major players on the digital market wants a bigger part of the pie and be able to rule the market they tend to create their proprietary devices and software. This way, the users are trapped and must use the “full solution” they offer, starting with the device (the hardware) and finishing with the operating system or other apps (the software). Most of the time they do not succeed completely because quite fast there is an alternative to their niche , either paid of free.

This is the case for example for the file formats. There are some proprietary formats that do not read on some devices. If we are to speak about iPad than there are quite a few popular audio formats that are not compatible (or you need to have license first). Since the old mighty producers did not bothered with the full compatibility we have to take into consideration the other developer’s solution, meaning converters or third party tools.

A converter is basically an app that will change the original file format into another, accessible to your specific device. The better the converter is the less the quality disturbance is noticeable. So, considering all these factors we have collected few of the very Best Audio Converters for iPad.

iPad Converter by Aiseesoft – LINK

Audioro iPad Converter

This app is one of the best in the market that does a simple job and it does it to the highest standards of quality. It will convert your audio files to match iPad needs. This app can handle aac type of files and also ac3 or ogg or wav or wma or wav or even wma type of files.

With just a few clicks it will take apart the entire file and then rebuild it to match the new architecture compatible with Apple’s iPad. Moreover this app will let you even edit the file before actually converting it. You can correct (change) the timing of the audio or even crop it. There is also the possibility to apply various effects to the output file.

In short all you need to do is download the application then install it and then fire it up. Once in the main screen click add files, browse and navigate to file you want to convert. Once you do that you need to work your file to crop, time it or add effects. When you’re done tweaking select the desired outcome format and click the convert button. This is all you need to do and you will have a new high quality iPad format audio file to enjoy playing on your device as you please.

Audioro iPad Converter-  LINK

An excellent app that will help you convert your audio files to high quality iPad type. It is simple and very intuitive to use and it really does a great job. Having installed this app you do not need to worry anymore about not being able to listen (and sometimes edit) your audio files straight from your iPad.

Basically Audioro iPad Converter can convert audio files but also You Tube videos and movies/DVD’s. The portfolio of the supported type of files for this application is enormous. It can handle audio files such as mp3, mp2, m4a, wav, au, aiff and more plus the video files such as avi, xvid, divx, x264, flv, vob, mpeg, DVD’s, YouTube and so on.

Moreover this application is cross platform as you can use it on Apple OS and also Microsoft Windows. Once installed it works beautifully in just three steps: first you just open the file that needs to be worked on. Locate it on your device and click open. On the second step select the output directory for the finished job. Third give a name (title) as you desire. You can also select the type of output format and even the quality in 4 steps: basic, medium, High and Best. The app will even give you instant output format size directly from this screen before it actually starts the job. The result is a nice ready to use on iPad file which you can now play without any problems under the iOS operation system.