5 Best Mail Apps for iPad

Apple iPad is a perfect travel, office or home companion and the fact that it is sleek yet stylish, makes it hard for the users not to take it around all the time. Besides being an impeccable flaunting accolade, iPad in fact can be a rich entertainment partner and efficient work assistant too. Being able to check email on your iPad might seem an simple addition but considering the frequency of its use and its importance, looking for best Mail apps for iPad seems quite natural.

There are many apps that can just open your emails and help your reply them, but does it suffice the needs of 21st century tech savvy radicals? Well, most people will have to disagree and that is what brings us to 5 Best Mail Apps for iPad.

Gmail App- LINK

The Google email app for the iPad is just as efficient as the online version. The latest redesigned app has brought the best of Gmail along with new specifications such as the real time notifications, multitasking accounts support and search option throughout the entire inbox.

While using the Google email app on your iPad the user can switch between five different accounts at the same time. The notifications for new mail are received faster with the help of a notification centre and a lock screen option. The user can even view emails while typing and the view is ultra-quick.

Profile pictures can be viewed while chatting. You can even respond to the Google invites from the calendar, directly from the app and you can also transfer your contacts easily to the mobile with this Mail app for iPad. The interactive Google posts can be directly read and responded to, from within the app. The organizing mail is also possible with this app and you can even customize them using custom scribbles.

Yahoo Email App- LINK

Yahoo Email iPad App

The Yahoo iPad email app has officially been updated and it allows the iPad users to manage email with more ease than before, even if there is an enormous amount of email in your inbox.

One very useful latest feature is that the app will show users the amount of messages received from a single contact i.e. every individual contact will be tracked according to their emails. With the help of only one tab the user can arrange or discard messages from the particular contact all at once. The sorting process is assisted by split screen view.

The app’s main objective is to give its user a magazine style view of their account (Like Flipboard) while reading the emails. Yahoo wants to fully exploit the technological advancement of iPad and provide their users with an enjoyable experience for checking their mail on the Yahoo iPad mail app.

Built In Mail App- LINK

Built In Mail iPad App

The already built-in iPad mail app is a good option to manage your mails as simply as you can imagine. By using the app, writing and replying to your email is simple with the assistance of smart keyboard. The smart keyboard has auto-correct and suggests new words, corrects the spelling, and also inserts punctuation.  The app distinguishes email addresses present in your contacts. Another plus point is that it supports about fifty languages.

The Mail app makes it easy to group messages as a thread. The emails along with the replies appear directly under the latest messages. Mail also lets the users set up a distinct VIP list, which separates VIP contacts from others and alerts you when you receive a mail from them.

Extra attachments with email such as images will be seen right inside the message and they can also be saved for the camera roll. Mail also allows the users to open PDF, Microsoft Office etc., without completely leaving the email app itself. iPad Mail app also works in synchronization with all other email providers such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.

Hotmail Buzzr HD- LINK

Hotmail Buzzr HD

The Hotmail Buzzr app is said to provide ‘the best’ Hotmail experience to the iPad users. The app claims to be fast and sleek with filtering and notifications capability of such caliber that you will never miss a mail. Its special feature includes the ability to easily add multiple Hotmail accounts and switch between them with the help of a single tap. It allows the user to read all emails in a unified box.

The message filtering system is also very advanced with personalization, so filtration can occur according to sender, recipients, subject etc.,. Labels can be assigned to mails, sound and color settings can be customized according to the user preferences.

There is also a do not disturb mode to activate quiet mode for disturbance free happy hours on iPad.


AltaMail best iPad mail app

AltaMail is an app especially designed for the iPad. The app can be used to carry out advanced email searches across multiple accounts. Now email can be selected for deletion or other options such as printing in bulk by this app.

The sending of emails, photos and other attached material is also very easy. The entire history for a contact can be viewed. Printing jobs such as email printing or the contact info printing can be carried out easily.

One very unique feature is that multiple contacts can be merged along with their template fields. It is fairly simple to use and provides added protection against spam and bugs. The Altamail is a class apart from other apps because it can synchronize all the other email accounts under one single app on iPad.