5 Best iPad Keyboard Docks

Accessories for iPhone and iPad outrun all the other gadgets altogether. This is primarily because of the uniqueness and opulence of this device and also the cost, as the people who are willing to put in  cash for this expensive gadget will sure not bother to invest more when it comes to protecting it or accentuating iPad’s intrinsic awesomeness.

The most famous and primarily sort after accessories are the iPad case followed by docking stations, but what if there was a way to have these both extremes? As it turns out, iPad Keyboard docking stations combine the comforts of a case and docking stations with an additional responsive Keyboard for easy typing on your iPad wherever you are.

Considering the factors like cost-benefit ratio, compactness, Keyboard Responsiveness, durability, style and user ratings we have collected 5 Best iPad Keyboard Docks

Brydge Keyboard Dock- LINK

Brydge Keyboard Dock

Since, Brydge is elegant and perfectly simulates the iPad’s already ingenuous design we decided to put it first on our best iPad Keyboard Docks list. Brydge is a successful KickStarter project not only because it looks astonishing but also because it has full functionality. From the looks of it, it accurately masquerades as MacBook Air and there is no telling the difference when you close the clamp on your iPad.

The Inbuilt Keyboard is responsive, Apple standard  and can be charged via a USB cable and connects to your iPad over a Wireless  Bluetooth Connection. The overall body is made from anodized aluminum to flow seamlessly with your iPad’s design and also with MacBook Air which, along with other features justifies the name Brydge.

The unique patent pending hinge allows a 180 Degree movement and closes in for a fully compact feel with smart feature intact(Sleep/Wake on Lid Close/Open). Things get even better with simple snap-in installation and the best part is the fully integrated Keyboard speaker to enhance your iPad’s already beautiful sound quality.

Zagg Folio- LINK

Zagg Folio Best iPad Keyboard Dock

This iPad Keyboard Dock from Zagg acts as a complete corporate solution with substantial protection and functionality simultaneously. Internally case is lined with quality micro-fiber for protection against scratches, bumps, dust, oil, other abrasions and externally the leather texture provides rugged protection and elegance. The Keyboard has well defined keys with maximum durability and months of usage on single recharges. Add to this an adjustable stand, media control Keyboard keys and flexible viewing angle and you have one the best iPad Keyboard Docks at a reasonable price.

Kensington KeyCover- LINK

Kensington KeyCover

This hard shell iPad Keyboard dock is made from aluminum for added protection and seamless integration with the looks of your iPad. The case is internally lined with mico-suede for protection against scratches, bumps, dust and secures your iPad comfortably with automatic Sleep/Wake feature embedded. As for the Keyboard, it features Scissor touch technology (Used in Laptop Keyboards) which ensures fast and durable typing experience. The Keyboard Connects automatically over a standard Wireless Bluetooth Connection. You can put your iPad in both landscape or portrait mode at easy-on-the-eye viewing and typing experience.

Logitech Ultrathin- LINK

Logitech Ultrathin

As the name suggests this iPad Keyboard Dock from accessory experts Logitech is ridiculously thin, so much so that when you close it on your iPad, you can barely tell them apart. It comes in various vibrant colors but Black or White particularly do justice to the looks of your iPad. It is made from premium military grade aluminum and there is an option to further personalize your cover with laser engravings. Keyboard is nice, responsive and boasts six months of continuous usage on a single full battery charge. It also manipulates your iPad’s inbuilt magnets for smart snap-in accurate closure.

Logitech Solar Keyboard Dock/Cover- LINK

Logitech Solar Keyboard DockCover

This Keyboard dock from Logitech is a right blend of imagination, creativity, engineering and expertise. It removes the hassle of cables and charging with Solar Powered Battery that can trap energy from indoor as well as outdoor light sources. It folds into a compact folio case and opens out into a comfortable dock for easy typing and viewing experience. The automatic Wake/Sleep feature takes the corporate productive experience to next level of swiftness.

The Keyboard is standard too with fully responsive, functional keys and Apple Standard looks that matches your iPad standard. You can also adjust your iPad at varying angles for personalized viewing , typing or tapping. Add to all this the ability to choose from various vibrant colors like Carbon Black, Urban Grey, Ice Blue, Coral Pink and you have one of the very fine iPad Keyboard Dock at a bargain.

There are many more Keyboard Docks in the market for iPad but we only compiled 5 of the very best. These Keyboard Docks seemed best for us because of price-feature ratio and also because most of the others out there almost resemble at least on of these. But there can still be even better options that might have escaped our notice, in that case feel free to share your favorites in the comments section.