25 Must Have iPad Apps for 2014

There is a lot you can do on an iPad ranging from intensive gaming sessions to extensive working hours. There are even more apps designed specifically to accentuate both these extremes. Apps ranging from Live TV to extremely helpful Flipboard are at your dispense and almost all of them exploit the full potential of your iPad, of course in a positive way.

A long diabolical debate can be had for hours on must have iPad apps, especially because of the peculiar preferences of every iPad user and so there certainly is no universal best. But, what we have done in this post is that, after substantial consideration on various facets like overall productivity, user downloads, intuitiveness, design, layout and much more we have collected an comprehensive list of 25 Must Have iPad Apps. Table of Contents


 Crackle- LINK Crackle Must Have iPad App As much as the techies, geeks and smarties would like to deny, the brutal truth is, “there is not anything as entertaining  as a TV”. The conventional entertainment always wins over the evolutionary sources. There are many apps that can run TV on your iPad like HuluPlus or Netflix but the potential benefits of Crackle definitely outweigh that of its competition. The User interface and streaming is better than the both combined and the best part is, the App is free and unlike the others out there, “does not require any subscription” which is one of the many reasons for Crackle to be running first on our Must Have iPad apps.

Pandora Radio-LINK

Pandora Radio Another free iPad app that does more than justice to your auditory entertainment senses. You can find new music, listen to thousands of stations, create personalized stations and almost everything that is available on Pandora website can be done with this iPad app. For a quick music session knit particularly according to your personal taste, just click and  type-in the name of your favorite artist, composer. etc., and a never ending list of similar music will be yours to enjoy for free.

GarageBand- LINK GarageBand iPad Must Have app A perfect studio quality music editing iPad app for music enthusiasts and prodigies as well. The app is worth $4.99 but provides enormous features and tweaks to make the most of your music whether you are a pro or a beginner.

IMDb- LINK IMDb iPad App An intuitive and beautifully designed iPad app simulating the features of web entertainment database IMDb is yours for free. Access showtimes, watch trailers, rate movies and TV shows, browse photos and access celebrity info right from your device- anytime, anywhere.

Spotify- LINK Spotify iPad Spotify is one of the most reputed iPad music app equally famous among all genders and age bars. You can create playlists, listen to free music, share music and try a  free 48 hour premium experience before actually paying for the full features.


Infinity Blade II- LINK Infinity Blade II iPad The legacy of breathtaking graphics, console like controls and game-play,  immersive story line continues with this Infinity Blade sequel. Start off to find the deep dark secrets of Infinity Blade with richer graphics, new combat styles, evolved character customization, global challenges and more all at half the usual price.

Temple Run 2- LINK

Temple Run 2 After huge success of the first Temple Run, Imangi Studios once gain proved their metal by bestowing their loyal gamers with yet another adventure to unravel. Temple Run 2 has pretty much the same center piece like its predecessor but it has been equipped with quite some new features that will keep you consumed in long gaming sessions once again. New achievements, environment, obstacles, power-ups, special character powers and much more covered in a layer of beautiful new graphics is just about the gist of Temple Run 2.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – LINK

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Exclusively designed for iPad this must have iPad app brings console experience to your iPad with its new adrenaline fueled levels and cars. Unlike other games, you have a choice to make, you can choose to be a cop or a ruffian but either way you get all the shiny new cars with all the specs and power you can imagine.

Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front- LINK

Brothers In Arms 2 Global Front Enjoy the all new close-to-real World War II experience on your iPad with this free game. Play story mode or multi-player  with all the war machines, arsenals and take the gaming experience to a whole new level with Duo controllers.

Fruit Ninja: Puss in the Boots HD- LINK

Frut Ninja Puss in the Boots iPad All the swashbuckler fruit slicing adventure is further enhanced with this bandito mode HD version of Fruit Ninja featuring loud mouthed pussy. Explore all the new features, levels and slice all the new varieties of fruits, beans and more to build up a high score for your friends to beat.


FlipBoard- LINK

FlipBoard iPad

FlipBord tops our Social must have iPad apps list because of its flawless design and ingenious integrity. It gathers information from your Facebook, Twitter, Flicker account and also from some top news websites like CNN and perfectly tailors them altogether into astonishingly amazing personalized magazine.

TweetDeck- LINK


Nothing beats Flipboard when it comes to portraying social information from services like Twitter, but for everything else , TweetDeck is simply the best. It basically separates mentions, Tweets and messages into three different columns for easy access and the custom column further enhances your Tweet experience.

Skype- LINK

Skype iPad

Skype for iPad has been retouched for suave iPad interface experience without compromising any of its impeccable features. You can make video calls, audio calls, chat, share files and do almost about anything related to network sharing with this app over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

SounCloud- LINK

SounCloud iPad

Photos, Videos, information might only sum Social Networking for a very few people, because the truth is, nothing expresses emotions, feelings and a lot more better than music and that is exactly what SoundCloud is all about. You can record anything and everything like a song, voice, street noise, concert and share it online on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursqure and follow friends, comment on their sounds while you are at it.

Facebook- LINK

Facebook iPad

It would be naive not to talk about Facebook in Social section of must have iPad apps. iPad Facebook is a lot more fun than the mundane desktop or browser version. You can do everything (Except the Flash Games) like comment, wallpost, add photo, videos, change profile picture and do a lot more with this fully responsive app.


Evernote- LINK

Evernote iPadEvernote is an ultimate note taking app for iPad and works on almost every other platform to help you sync across all your devices and stay organised. You can take usual notes, store images, photos, links or create notebooks and then never worry about forgetting anything.

OmniFocus- LINK

OmniFocus iPadTo all the workaholics and perfectionists, this to-do list making app is just what you need. The app is pretty expensive but considering what it has to offer and the value it will provide, the app is worth the money. You can create to-do lists, set deadlines, categorize tasks according to importance, add tools required to perform tasks and do a lot more to simply get things done.


OmniOutliner- LINK

OmniOutliner iPadCombine this app with OmniFocus and your iPad will turn into a creative productive work horse. The app helps you manage a project with clean ideas sewn into clear outlines combined with images, text and links.  Arrange outlines according to Hierarchy, columns, styling, notes  and more as you swirl out new ideas.

iAnnotate PDF- LINK

iAnnotate PDF iPad

Winner of Tabby Awards for Best Productivity App this must have iPad app allows you to create just about any type of document. But the strongest forte of this app is the sheer number of tools like versatile pens, highlighters, pens, stamps and other tools it provide that will help you to edit, focus on and memorize ebooks which can then be shared with colleagues or friends.


LogMeIn iPadLogMeIn is a one stop solution for all your productivity needs. You can connect remotely to your Desktop or Mac from iPad and access all the files and documents. The app also enables you to transfer photos to or from your iPad and the Cloud Bank integration just makes the deal irresistible. In case you are wondering, Cloud Bank is a single step solution to access all cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive or your own WebDAV servers for easy data access.


Kindle- LINK

Kindle iPadKindle for iPad from Amazon is a perfect answer to all the woes of reading aficionados. Kindle opens almost every ebook format from PDF to ePub  and allows users to access newspapers, magazines, textbooks while enjoying its beautiful user interface and features.



Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List- LINK

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List iPadPop your taste buds and win hearts with over 30,000 recipes this free iPad app provides. You can select a recipe, send its ingredients as an email to yourself or your significant other and once you have everything you need, the app will guide you through the recipe with its user friendly, step-by-step cooking instructions.



Instapaper- LINK

Instapaper-iPadInstapaper is a readers rescue. The app just adds a button to your browser and when you swarm through the web and find too many interesting articles without having the time to read all of them, all you have to do is click on the button. All of these articles will them be saved in the app without adds and all the other clutter for you to enjoy reading even when your are offline.


FitnessClass- LINK

FitnessClass-iPadJust so that we don’t miss on something as important as health, we included FitnessClass in our must have iPad apps list. The app has some nice exercises as well as yoga’s fully explained to help you maintain your physical and spiritual health. The app is free itself but you can access more than 400 videos only after purchasing a video or opting for monthly rentals, either way you get a first hand preview of videos to help you judge whether the video is worth the money.

Spotify- LINK

Spotify iPad

Spotify is one of the most famous app for iPad and iPhone and has something for everyone, ignoring the gender or age bar. You can get access to free radio stations (U.S only) or you can just access a million song database right from your iPad at an reasonable rental of $10 per month. You can also create custom playlists with your favorite music in it or alternatively download music you like for offline listening.