15 Best Autism Apps for iPad

Apple iPad has stirred and revolutionized the whole world from the day of its launch. From official approval for Pilot usage in airplane cockpits  to medically trusted apps, it seems iPad is everywhere with its “an app for everything” flagship. And so the case goes with autism iPad apps designed under expert professional guidance for people (especially children) with incoherent social skills, communication, repetitive or stereotyped behavior patterns.

It is hard to live with this disorder and even harder for parents to communicate with their loved ones. The concern is further aggrandized by the growing statistics; latest of which depicts an estimated 1 out of 54 boys and 1 in 252 girls diagnosed with autism in the United States. There are already tools available for autistic people but the problem is that each one of them almost costs a fortune and considering the fact that “only one” of them is never going to satisfy every peculiar patient’s needs the scenario gets even worse. But that is where iPad comes in with serious app alternatives to alleviate all these problems while staying sharp, agile, user friendly and above all, autism friendly.

After careful consideration of many factors like developers knowledge about the disorder, user ratings, intuitiveness, functionality and proper professional guidance backed by crude research we feel proud to present 15 Best Autism Apps for iPad.

Proloquo2Go- LINK

Proloquo2Go Best Autism Apps for iPad

The most common symptom of autism is the inability to properly communicate and that is where this app comes to rescue. Running this $219 iPad app along with the conventional specialty autism devices that cost around $4000-12000 shows surprising results in favor of iPad. The relieved price tag also translates to more autistic students using the device for effective communication. As for the offerings of this apps, first of all; this app is one of the best  Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app with a nod from professionals and  over 50,000 customers from across the globe. It simulates pictures, images for beginners to enhance communicative vocabulary which enhance gradually according to user capabilities.

For more advanced students, it allows to type in message with word predictions that are then read aloud by the in-built voice synthesizer of this app. Also, a recent addition to this function is the improved voice simulation with customizable voice options like Children, adult, girl and even voices with different English accents.

ConversationBuilder- LINK

Conversation Builder

As the name suggests, this app helps high functioning autistic students to identify and build conversations. It particularly helps develop social skills by helping students with multi-exchange conversation in different social settings. This might not seem a ground braking feat, but when it comes to the targeted students it really proves vital and extirpates many underlying social incompatibilities.

TouchChat HD- LINK

TouchChat HD

TouchChat is a lot like Proloquo2Go but it is relatively less expensive with few other appreciable features thrown in. It can simulate environmental condition and social situation and produce synthesized voices from words, messages and phrases. The voice choices are limited than Proloquo2Go but it does have a feature to work around noisy environments. It does so by presenting the text in bold letters whenever iPad is tilted to landscape mode. One-touch Facebook, Twitter and email integration adds another layer to the overall efficacy of this app.

First Then Visual Schedule HD- LINK

First Then Visual Schedule HD

Another problem linked with autism is the inability to remember schedules and daily chores. This app provides just the right solution to this problem while staying visually sharp for better comprehension. It creates a Pictograph based schedule with embedded tasks and timers for each event, the individual can then check every event as he moves down the schedule.

There are five different viewing options: Look at one single image at a time (great for the visually impaired), view two images in a First Then board format, scroll through a checklist, drag and drop an image to another column once a step is complete or drag and drop an image from a strip and put it in an envelope. All these options make it easy rto create, customize and share schedules on an iPad or any other iDevice.

ChoiceWorks- LINK


ChoiceWorks is much like FTVS but more accurate, emotion driven and definitely easier on the eyes. It helps autistic as well as normal children to complete schedules, understand and control their feelings and improve waiting skills. It does so by providing three boards for each module and within each board you can load upto 180 pre-installed images or audios depending on your preferences and aspirations. To make things a bit more customizable and efficient, you can even add your own images or recorded audios. The app can also speaks out boards and there is also an option to share your boards across the community to make things a little philanthropic.

Autismate- LINK

Autismate Best iPad app for Autism

Austismate is a boost for parents as well as for autistic children. Communication and behavioral skills development is just about the gist of it. It can be customized according to individual needs and progress over the time. Among the various highlights the most prominent is the ability to upload a scene on your iPad, like a kitchen where you can then add a hotspot so that when your kid clicks on it, a video, image or audio sequence will initiate showing the instructions or manual about that hotspot(Like How to wash hands from a Faucet Hotspot).

There are default video modelling lessons specifically designed for autistic and there is also an option to record custom videos. Add to this, a visual scheduler, visual stories, GPS integration for scene exactitude and you have one of the very best autism app for iPad.

EASe Personal Listening Therapy- LINK

EASe Personal Listening Therapy

A few autistic children act out  with exaggerated reaction and behavior in response to noise. To prevent this from happening Audioforge Labs has a profound solution. The efficacy of this app was verified  by researchers at Brenau university in 2012 and they found a significant improvement in audio hypersensitivity after proper usage of this app.

In essence the principle of this app is to deliver short, intense bursts of sound, creating a sensory palette of sonic experiences that can help a child learn to cope with typical environmental conditions. A habitual listening to this app under proper guidance has shown acme results that were possible earlier only after substantial  investment of about $10,ooo on a typical device.

Kid In Story- LINK

Kid In Story

Another impeccable app designed keeping in mind the special needs of autistic and other SPD children. It allows you to setup your child’s photo as the main character of a story ranging from Simple hand wash to a trip to San Francisco. This simple story telling mode with audio recordings and personalized stories allows autistic children to better understand social behaviors and other emotional situations.

Autism Tracker Pro- LINK

You can use the lite version of this app to check benefits before you move on to the Pro paid version. It is perfect tracking solution for families or creches to keep track of as many autism children as possible. You can track various parameters like mood, behavior, food, health, reports and then share your progress with other members of the community over a  iCloud, Dropbox, email or Twitter account.

TapToTalk- LINK


TapToTalk is a beginner version of apps previously mentioned AAC apps. And because it is free, simple and helpful; it is probably the first app you should try before moving on to more complex and paid apps. It features the same tap to talk technology with pictures that represent emotions, expression and other communication essentials that are then converted into synthesized audible voices.

ABA Flash Cards- LINK

ABA Flash Cards

A free app that allows users string pictures to corresponding emotions and then enclose them in flash cards for memorization. You can create personalized flash cards with images and recorded audio, which overall builds up to a powerful communication and behavior improvement tool.

Preference & Reinforcer Assessment- LINK

Preference & Reinforcer Assessment

A more professional tool for parents or analysts to easily keep track of child’s or client’s preferences and reinforcements. It presents simple buttons with options, choices, images and different colors to assess behavior which is then automatically converted into bar graphs for either on-spot analysis or future references.

Pictello- LINK


Pictello is funny but effective way to create talking photo albums, an idea which might seem rudimentary but on ground it actually makes a huge difference in terms of behavioral, social and communication improvements.

My Play Home- LINK

My Play Home

Sometimes a little play can do wonders to autistic children and when it comes to that, this app is the simplest and one of the best such app advised by experts. It allows children to experience the basic doll house set-up with all the objects and situations to help develop imaginary faculties without having to manipulate 3D objects.

BaloonMills HD- LINK

BaloonMills HD

BallonMills kills two birds with one stone. It relieves and motivates students after excruciating training sessions and simultaneously helps children with delayed development to understand the concept of cause and effect.

We hope you found what you were looking for in this modest autism apps for iPad list  and if you know of any better apps please  mention in comments section