10 Sturdy iPad Metal Cases

There are way too many iPad cases available in the market ranging from spiffy, elegant, compact designs to sturdy metal cases. Metal cases in particular add a rugged and stiff touch to your iPad without compromising the already ingenious looks. In this post we have collected 20 Sturdy iPad Metal Cases that will provide substantial protection for your iPad while maintaining all the other features and functions.

Aluminum Keyboard Buddy iPad case- LINK

Aluminum Keyboard Buddy iPad case

This affordable iPad metal case makes it easier for you to enjoy typing and provides a nice viewing angle. You can also choose to hide the keyboard and use the iPad touch screen easily without needing to alter anything. This way it becomes easier to access different ports without any difficulty.

BoxWave iPad AluArmor Jacket- LINK

BoxWave iPad AluArmor Jacket-

This is one of the lightweight metal cases for all iPad versions. It comes in a number of different colors making it easier for one to choose the effective one. It has an inner soft lining to prevent your iPad from rough surfaces.

HardCase for iPad- LINK

HardCase for iPad

This heavy-duty metal case gives immense protection to the iPad. It can effectively absorb shock to protect your iPad from accidental fall damages. It has a slide flip which aims to protect the screen.

pDair Silver Metal iPad Case- LINK

pDair Silver Metal iPad Case

A high quality metal case which offers overall body protection and prevents damage due to fall. The inner lining prevents the iPad from scratches and scrapes and also acts as a self cleaning tool.

Zagg-Logitech Keyboard iPad Case- LINK

Zagg-Logitech Keyboard iPad Case-

Another stylish metal case with responsive in-built Logitech Keyboard.It fits your iPad compactly and protects it from damage due to bumps while providing comfortable viewing angles for seamless video or typing experience.

PDair Aluminum Silver Metal Case- LINK

PDair Aluminum Silver Metal Case

Yet another Aluminum case from PDair featuring thin, lightweight, and durable metal  profile. It gives easy access to the keyboard and all ports on your iPad. It has a good shock absorbing material along the borders and it closes-in perfectly for compact carriage.

Case Savvy Glossy Finish Case- LINK.

Case Savvy Glossy Finish Case

This exquisite metal case is exclusively designed for Apple iPad mini, it has a hard shell and comfortable inner lining to effectively protect your iPad. You can access all ports, sensors, control and it comes in a wide range of colors and textures to choose from.

Speck Fitted Fabric Inlaid Hard Shell- LINK

Speck Fitted Fabric Inlaid Hard Shell

A signature design metal case from Speck to suit different kinds of iPad’s. It has a sleek appearance with easy access to ports, and buttons. They come in a wide range of colors to suit your personal preferences. The outer fabric and inner lining makes it smooth on your hands and iPad as well.

Stylish Periodic Table Metal iPad Cases- LINK

Stylish Periodic Table Metal iPad Cases

This iPad case offers high quality metal covering with an outer nerdy chemistry design. For Protection the case has a soft inner lining  and there is a wide range of periodic designs and elements available of Zazzle.

Aluminum Metal Slide-On iPad Case- LINK

Aluminum Metal Slide-On iPad Case

This case provides extra protection to your iPad mini right where it is most prone to damage, and that is edges. The case has brilliant external matte finish and provides adequate overall protection with spongy internal padding.