10 Must Have iPad Mini Accessories

iPad Mini continues the legacy of mighty Apple, this time by utilizing a more compact and portable design to find its way into hands and hearts of the lot. It features all the specs of standard iPad, except it’s moderate sized design which builds up to its advantage. You probably know all that already, so instead of further adulating this impeccable device let’s directly move on to best iPad Mini Accessories.

iPad Mini Accessories came out in the market as soon as the device itself was released. While most of these accessories are a downsize of original versions for standard iPad, there are few exclusively made considering the unique design and features of iPad Mini. We scoured through both these categories and after proper deliberation we narrowed down the list to 10 Must Have iPad Mini Accessories

Philips Hue Connected Bulb- LINK

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

Because iPad Mini is unique, the first in our list is also a unique iPad Mini accessory. These bulbs from Philips can be controlled from the comforts of your iPad Mini and among the parameters you can control are, production of different shades of white and a plenty of other colors. About 50 light Bulbs can be run from a single iPad Mini and the best part is that they consume 80% less power than the traditional bulbs.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0- LINK

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

Imagination is the limit with this iPad Mini Drone. Make your first robotic fly with this Drone easily controllable from your iPad Mini AR.FreeFlight 2.0 app. It uses correct simulations and stabilization physics for easy usage accentuated further by its patent pending Absolute Control piloting mode for beginners. You can shoot absolute HD videos right from the drone, that are then instantly transferred to your iPad Mini for YouTube upload or Facbook Share. For longer recordings, there is an option to install a USB storage device. Add to all that the ability to play plenty of augmented reality multi or single player games and you have one of the best iPad Mini Accessories.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover- LINK

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

If you prefer work over entertainment, Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is just the right thing for you. In essence, it is an embedded Keyboard in a Aluminum casing that secures both the iPad Mini and Keyboard itself. It is anodized to flow seamlessly with the design of iPad and has a small grove to hold your iPad Mini firmly in place for a comfortable viewing and writing experience. As for the Keyboard, it connects over a Bluetooth Wireless connection and has smooth, responsive, island type Keys for swift and accurate typing.

Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover- LINK

Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover

Next in line is something to stylishly protect your iPad Mini from scratches, bumps, scuffs and other mild to moderate abrasions. Smart Cover comes in various colors and clasps to your iPad Firmly with in-build magnets, which keeps everything light weight and also integrates well with the Sleep/Wake Function of your iPad. It can even be folded all the way back to either be moved out of sight, or just to be used as comfortable viewing stand.

Carbon Audio Zooka Wireless Bluetooth Speaker- LINK

Carbon Audio Zooka Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Combine your iPad Mini with this Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and treat your auditory senses with quality music all the time, anywhere. It can also be used a standard stand for better movie and media experience or can be placed anywhere in the range of 30 fts as a wireless speaker. It produces rich sound with its deep bass speaker technology. For carriage and better gripping it has a thin elegant layer of silicone exactly where it is prone to abrasions.

Camera Connection Kit- LINK

Camera Connection Kit

An app necessary for photographers as well as all the other iPad Mini Owners. It can be used to copy photos, videos from your iDevice camera’s SD(HC) ,MS DUO ,MMC,M2,T-FLASH cards and vice versa.

Sphero by Orbotix- LINK

Sphero by Orbotix

Something more for gaming aficionados. Sphero by Orbotix brings mixed-reality to your iPad Mini for a better and immersive gaming experience. There are already plenty of games available and the list is growing with every passing day to enhance augmented reality experience. You can easily control how you play and excel for that matter by  tilting or swinging your device, or use on-screen touch capability.

KudoCase iPad Mini Solar Charging Case- LINK

KudoCase iPad Mini Solar Charging Case-

iPad can be all awesome, fun, great and everything else only until there is enough juice to power it up. iPad Mini has best battery life in the industry but when it comes to hardcore users and frequent travelers, the in-built battery never cuts it. KudoCase has a solution, it provides a thin functional case with 5,000mAh ultra-thin Li-Polymar battery sewen into the lining of the case to power your iPad Mini even at night. It can run your iPad Mini for hours and provide all its quality features like protection, viewing stand, compactness and more while at it.

BodyGuardz Full Body Clear Skin Protection- LINK

BodyGuardz Full Body Clear Skin Protection

BodyGuardz presents an unmatched full body protection lamination from significant scratches. It is made from durable resistant material that is originally used to cover vehicles for protection against rock chips. It is clear and custom cut to fit your iPad Mini, all this translates to a rugged protection without compromising sleek design of your iPad Mini.

Belkin Car Charger- LINK

Belkin Car Charger

The last in our list is a powerful car charger for your iPad Mini and other iDevices for convenient charging on the go. It is also equipped with Lightning to USB cable for full compatibility with all iOS devices. It supplies an efficient 10W, 2.1 Amp to your iPad Mini and does all this while maintaining a low profile.

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