10 Most Useful Productivity Apps for iPad

Most of you might not have your iPads with you all the time, but some do. Some use it for multimedia content while others like to use it as a work tool as well as for fun and entertainment. The use of iPad or other electronic devices depends upon the personality of its user. Today, iPad has become a very dominant “personal assistant” and is able to play a major role in increasing your productivity. Here are some very useful apps for iPad that are specifically designed to enhance your productivity.

Wunderlist – LINK


Wunderlist helps you to create a list of tasks. These tasks can then be moved around, new lists can be created, notes, flags, due dates etc., can be added to the tasks. In addition,  it also offers amazing offline support allowing you to shuffle through your tasks, move them and then sync/back up with the cloud. You can also share the list with your friends. It can also put the task in more than one list and attach documents to any specific task.

OfficeTime – LINK

Gmail  Sparrow iPad Productivity app

If you just can’t figure out where all of your time is spent, then OfficeTime is just the right thing for you.  This app is very useful whether you want to create a project beforehand or add them while flying. If you are about to start your work on a project, all you have to do is launch the app, tap new session, and then tap start and you are ready to start tracking your task/project.

Gmail / Sparrow – LINK


This app provides support for multiple Gmail accounts, archiving, labels and all other things that you can think of doing on your iPad. It has an impressive offline abilities and provides freedom to compose, file and manage your email while flying. The latest version of Sparrow allows you to input any e-mail account other than Gmail.


Good Reader

If you want to stay in touch with friends on Google Talk while simultaneously working on your iPad, then VTok is the best productivity app for you. VTok is very easy to use, you just need to launch the app, enter your user-name/password and start chatting with your friends. It runs in the background allowing you to do other things on your iOS and gives you a buzz on receiving a chat message. Another attractive feature of this app is that it provides free support for voice and video calls with all your Google contacts over 3G or Wi-Fi.

Hulu Plus LINK

Hulu Plus

Hulu enables you to watch your favorite TV shows on  iPad. Though you can’t watch each and every show, there is plenty to choose from. You can also watch shows that you have missed and even some highlighted clips. The interface is also very simple and easy.

Good Reader – LINK


Good reader is a must have best productive app for  iPad. It is used not only for opening and reading documents but also to load it with different kinds of media. There might be a lot of unread Word Docs, PDF’s and PPT’s left on your computer that you would like to read. You simply have to drag all these documents to the Google Reader in iTunes and read them when you have time. Google reader also allows you to store documents on your iPad.

Scout – LINK


Scout is for frequent commuters. It is simply indispensable and the interface is extremely easy to use . It gets hold of real time traffic, has spoken directions and provides updates while you are on the go.

Instapaper – LINK


You are already familiar with how to sync your docs with Google reader. Instapaper is much simpler and easier to use. You just have to install the plug-in on your web browser or just mail the articles to yourself; rest of the work will be done by Instapaper. You can read all the articles saved in Instapaper instantly whether you are online or offline.

Newsify – LINK


Newsify is just like Flipboard but the only thing that differentiates it from Flipboard is its great offline support. This way you will be in touch with the latest news even while flying or after a long day of work. It also allows you to instantly switch to your favorite feeds such as Lifestyle or technology by bringing Google Reader mobile categories on your iPad.

TurboScan – LINK

TurboScan iPad Productivity app

Filing expenses can be very cumbersome  because you need to carry  tons of receipt, a task almost impossible today. This is where TurboScan comes to rescue. Instead of carrying receipts with you, you just have to launch Turbo Scan, place the receipt on the surface and take its picture and your receipt will be automatically saved in your device. TurboScan not only stores the receipt but also comes with a variety of options which can be used to edit it as per your requirements.