10 Most Expensive iPad Cases

Purchase of an Apple iPad is rarely taken lightly. For most people this iPad is beyond  means and for others, it is simply a drop in the bucket. With these kinds of people, rich people, you will find that their quest to seek out a unique iPad personality remains insatiable. In their quest to find the perfect iPad case it seems they spare no expense. From high quality leathers to some of the most internationally acclaimed designer brand names in the world the world luxury meeting the quest to personalize the iPad comes in the form of people investing in expensive cases. 10 of these Most expensive cases are listed below

David August Leather iPad Case- LINK

David August Leather iPad Case Most Expensive iPad Case

The most expensive iPad case brand in the world belongs to the unique luxury boutique of David August of Costa Mesa, California. This incredibly expensive iPad case is one built for the celebrities. With a whopping price of $6,900 this case far outpaces the normal iPad case purchases. This case is made from the world’s finest alligator leathers and hand stitched right there in a craftsman shop by expert artisans. It comes in twenty different highly glazed colors. Of course, at $6,900 you can customize it—for a fee of course.

 NewerTech iFolio For iPad– LINK

 NewerTech iFolio For iPad

If you are a bit of a pragmatic, perhaps the NewerTech iFolio will do the job. At $130, it does not begin to breach the David August luxury alligator leather cover but remains on the expensive end. As the iPad costs from $399 this case comes in at nearly fifty percent of the cost. This leather case comes in black leather with a zipper and straps to keep the iPad positioned. The folio also has a spot for your stylus or business cards.

Piel Frama iPad Cases- LINK

Piel Frama iPad cases

The Piel Frama iPad cases range anywhere from $140 to $225. These cases have multiple positioning and a magnetic snap to ensure that your iPad sits in securely. The soft lining and the high quality ostrich, cow skin or crocodile leather cases are available, all at different price ranges of course.

Vaja iVolution Top Crystal- LINK

Vaja iVolution Top Crystal

Perhaps you are looking for more luxury than practicality. If so, the $350 Vaja iVolution Top Crystal is just the right thing. The case takes more than thirty-five days for artisans to hand craft. The craftsmanship shines throughout as the artisans stitch the leather to ensure that all of the exterior ports and buttons have full access. The stitching is completed with shimmering Swarovski crystals. These crystals are designed in an attractive case which offers a detachable front cover. The design is meant to be classy and fun at the same time.

 Louis Vuitton iPad Case- LINK

 Louis Vuitton iPad Case

If you like iVolution, then you are probably going to love the Louis Vuitton iPad case at a similar price of $350 and you will have a designer brand iPad case. But be warned, this is not a case, it is purely a leather sleeve which will require you to pull it out when you want to use your iPad.

Oscar de la Renta iPad Clutch- LINK

Oscar de la Renta iPad Clutch

If you are hoping to get a designer sleeve or case, do not skip out on the Oscar de la Renta Degrade Python iPad Clutch, priced at a paltry $390.  This case is literally made from… you guess it… python skin. As with any leather, every cover is unique and has no match. These iPad clutches will be entirely unique as each snake has a distinguishable scaling. There is also a color variation available between yellowish or reddish texture.

Burberry London Embossed Check iPad Cover- LINK

Burberry London Embossed Check iPad Cover

Sticking with these designer cases looking at the Burberry’s London Embossed Check Patent leather iPad Cover at $475 makes Louis Vuitton sound like a bargain. This Burberry case is black with additional options in white or yellow and is an actual case versus a sleeve. The zipper features inside the pockets will house papers including business cards. The case has a distinctive metal insignia of the Burberry Brand.

Yves Laurent Patent-Leather iPad Cases- LINK

Yves Laurent Patent-Leather iPad Cases-

The Yves Laurent Patent-Leather iPad cases sells at $595. This distinctly black case has the stitching of the Yves Saint Laurent brand. The leather is of the highest quality, reflecting its designer status through both brand and quality. With such high quality pieces like the Yves Laurent you would question whether it would really be necessary to progress onward with the quest of finding expensive iPad cases.

Orbino Padova Crocodile Skin Case- LINK

Orbino Padova Crocodile Skin Case

At $689, you can purchase the Orbino Padova Brown crocodile skin iPad case. This case has a beautiful deep color with high quality leathers, especially crocodile skin. Chanel clocks in at an impressive $1,555. But is a brand of both worthy history and a tradition of quality. No other case encompasses the taste and quality of expense as Chanel can.

 Tod’s Alligator Leather Case For iPad- LINK

 Tod’s Alligator Leather Case For iPad

There is also this $4900 Tod’s Alligator leather iPad case. The rate may be  limiting for most people but there still are a lot of Tod connoisseurs, ready to spend whooping greens on an iPad case.