10 Most Expensive iPad Apps

Apple iPad might be the gadget that everyone wants to grab now-a-days but it doesn’t change the fact that it still is one the accessories that lies near the expensive side of things-to-buy. After spending an appreciable amount of money on your version of iPad there is still lot of options to spend your money on, ranging from cases, covers, charging/carrying/car accessories, games and a lot more including the most important of these that lie under the apps category.

There are enough apps on iTunes store to keep you occupied for the rest of your life but when it comes to what you actually want to achieve from your iPad, the whole scenario changes and a search for the best takes on. And since ‘expensive’ is the new ‘best’, the search narrows down to an comprehensive list of apps.

Most Expensive iPad apps might not always be the best, but they certainly are something you should be aware of when you have an iPad, especially considering the whopping cost and potential benefits they provide. After careful consideration of almost all the factors like cost effectiveness, user value, benefits, user interface, and more we have collected 10 Most Expensive iPad Apps.

BarMax CA- $999

BarMax CA Most Expensive iPad apps

If you plan on squeezing some real profit, status and money in the long run from your iPad,  then this app is probably your best best. You only need to have determination to qualify California Bar Exam and this app will cover everything else for you. The app is made by Harvard Law School Alumini and flaunts the triumph of highest overall pass rates. Besides having access to Harvard Law professors complete audio lectures the app also has task list creation, real practice assays, tests, flashcards, email/phone support and more up its successful sleeves.



This might not be the top expensive app but considering what it has to offer in terms of user value, this app beats all its competitors. The app connects you iPad remotely with the SIUI ultrasound imaging system over a Wi-Fi or 3G network. You can then store, zoom, playback, create reports, transmit the reports via email plus a few more things to effectively achieve a real-time diagnosis and report file management.

VIP Black- $999

VIP Black

For real nobs this app reflects opulence from every angle. Although you can buy and download this app at $999.99 , the app will only give you its top brass privileges if your net-worth is about  $1,587,100 which brings us to its sobriquet “The Millionaires App”. Enjoy iVIP treatment from the global luxury partners with exclusive surprise gifts, welcome packages, complimentary room upgrades, exclusive rates, priority access, and other unique privileges.To go further on the luxury front you can book private yachts, jets, islands and more directly from the app.

iRA C3 Mobile- $999

iRA C3 Mobile

Monitor closely all the camera activities from your iPad with split-screen capability for a portable security solution with this expensive iPad app.You can communicate with video feed from web, iPhone, iPod or other digitally enabled camera devices. You can access atleast 6 live feeds on a single screen with all the instant investigations tools like quick identification of events, immediate playback, rewind, forward and slow motion of your recorded video.

DDS GP Yes! – $499


This app is specifically designed for Dentists and judging by the features it provides, this app is well worth the money. As most dental procedures seem daunting and  fearsome for the patients, this app presents a valuable solution by giving a user-friendly and easy to understand presentation of dental conditions and plan of treatment, which eventually leads to better patient compliance and acceptance. All the features and knowledge makes procedures easy on patients and better for doctors in terms of methods and money.

TouchChat HD- $149.99

TouchChat HD

Autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, apraxia, stroke and some others conditions deteriorate an individuals ability to speak and it is a grave situation to live, but thanks to iPad, there is an app for that. This app presents with peculiar images and text that are targeted to help such specially abled people to use their visual fronts for better communications. The built in voice synthesizer does a great job at communicating emotions or simpler words, which otherwise earlier was a complex task available at peak prices.

XA1- $179.99


Considering the fact that most spectrum analyzers run at an average of $800, this app is a cheaper alternative for an expensive tool and thus fits perfectly in our most expensive iPad apps list. It brings a beautiful real-time audio spectrum to your iPad with the highest degree of accuracy for a perfect analysis of your audio visual spectrum during mixing sessions.

Architactile Inception- $499.99

Architactical Inception

This app is the first iPad exclusive app designed for architects and has everything included for an effective early project definition. You can introduce high level space requirements, conceptual budgets, bubble diagrams and total project cost management and more to get the gist of your ideas and architectures going. In addition the app lets you convert your project into an PDF file format which can then be forwarded to your client within seconds right from your iPad.

QSFFStats-  $999

QSFFStatsCompare yourself to your favorite Football player and remain updated constantly with this easy to use, efficient piece of technology. Flag the entirety of Football and  keep track of a lot of things including multiple stats like  passing, receiving, scores, and interceptions within their leagues. You can also set games according to location, fields, dates, times and upload play by play stats by email while you are at it.





App.Cash is an ostentatious alternative for luxurious cashier services around almost every type of business ranging from shiny restaurants to flashy pubs, malls and social hubs. The app provides cash details, calculates cost, orders and supports Airprinters for a quick retrieval of hard copy whenever you like.



There are definitely may more expensive iPad apps available in the iTunes Store and in case you know of any better alternatives than the ones we portrayed here, feel free to mention  in the comments section.