10 Best iPad Kate Spade Cases

Having an iPad in itself is a mark of style and a desire for elegance but combining it with an equally impeccable case elevates everything that an iPad stands for. There are many cases available for iPad and other iDevices  made from different material by different manufacturers and designers but finding “the one” for yourself depends on personal preference. Kate Spade offers quality cases with splash of feminine spur for precise design augmentation of your iPad.

Kate Spade is known for jolly chic accessories and with these exquisite Kate Spade iPad cases the flagship continues to sprout. After a take on few of the cases offered by Kate Spade, we managed to pull a comprehensive list of 10 Best Kate Spade Cases for your iPad.

Directors Clapboard- LINK

Directors Clapboard

This Kate Spade designed sleeve for iPad is built to disguise as a directors clapboards, which is both simple and creative. It is made from Neoprene to provide protection against minor bumps, scratches, scuffs and other abrasions.

Petula Stripe iPad Folio- LINK

Petula Stripe iPad Folio

Shining the Kate Spade New York classic stripe design all the way through, this case is designed as a folio to splash spiff without compromising protection. It is made from Faux Leather, fits your iPad precisely and has a glossy overall look with embedded Kate Spade logo.

Deborah Dot iPad Folio- LINK

Deborah Dot iPad Folio

A passion for dots is clearly reflected in this Kate Spade iPad case. It is made from a printed and coated poplin to provide protection, compactness, minimal feel and maximal style all at the same time. The edges have been bezeled for extra protection near the ends and the case folds out easily to be used a comfortable  viewing or typing stand without loosing a dash of elegance.

Summer Cork Folio- LINK

Summer Cork Folio

Another Folio styled Kate Spade iPad case, this time with an exceptional design. Made from a unique soft, smooth cork this case will not only protect but also catch eyes while at it. Like all folio cases, it is compact and folds out as a comfortable viewing and typing stand without compromising a pinch of it impeccable design.

Flicker Bryce- LINK 

Flicker Bryce Best Kate Spade iPad Cases

This is probably the best offering from Kate Spade NY with all the goods of an awesome design and sturdy material of construction. Made from quality Cowhide with smooth trim, this iPad carrying case is custom woven and curious lined  to perfection. The front of the case features an embedded 14K gold plated KSNY embedded stud for a classy presentation. It secures your iPad with its inner lining and outer built plus the shoulder cross body strap makes it ergonomically and aesthetically portable. On top of all that, it has an interior pocket to hold your iPad firmly in place and also provide enough room for other essentials at the same time.

Palm Springs iPad Case- LINK

Palm Springs iPad Case

Inspired by the glamorous vacation city of Palm Springs this classy tile motif will spark a smile on your face every-time you pull it out. The colors and contrast add to its overall beauty and builds up to an effective chic friendly style update.

Chevron iPad Folio- LINK

Chevron iPad Folio

A more flashy Folio case for iPad made from canvas with subtle print to move eyes and attention in your direction. The kilowatt color along with compact design add to its overall elegance plus the fact that it can be folded out into comfortable viewing and typing stand makes it one of the best choice in this category.

Peublo Tile iPad Sleeve- LINK

Peublo Tile iPad Sleeve

Another Classy iPad sleeve from Kate Spade printed finely over a protective layer of nylon. It fits your iPad precisely for easy gripping and compact portability. The tile design makes it can excellent representative of charm and beauty.

La Pavilon- LINK

La Pavilon

Featuring the classic design if  KSNY presentation, this iPad folio case is made from poplin to enhance your iPad’s already ingenuous design and accentuate the overall protection while at it. The Polka dots with true Kate Spade New York design will sure intrigue attention in your direction. The best part is that it does all this while staying compact and appreciably functional with its folio design.

Kate Spade Nylon Calista- LINK

Kate Spade Nylon Calista

This Nylon Calista is made from nylon with polished patent leather trim and has a custom woven black/cream Bella contents on faille lining along with other quality features which more than explain its relatively expensive price tag. It can hold your iPad/Laptop, office essentials, documents and more all within the comforts of one compact stylish bag. The detachable strap adds to portability with the ability to move out of sight for hand-held carriage or an efficient cross-body or over the shoulder carriage. To top it up, it has an embedded 14 Karat Kate Spade stud on a leather license plate to reflect epitome of luxury and everything else makes it a complete carriage solution.

If you have any personal favorites or suggestion about our Best iPad Kate Spade Cases collection, feel free to mention in the comments section.