10 Best iPad Earphones for Audiophiles

Apple says that the iPad is designed to be a perfect machine for entertainment. Indeed, when it comes to display for example, this statement is so true. iPad features one of the most astonishing display called Retina Display that produce a huge resolution. This means we can enjoy pictures and videos to their best quality on this device.

Also when it comes to portability and Internet connection the iPad is ideal to use for socializing. But what about the other component, the sound it can deliver to the users? Does iPad still remain the king? What do audiophiles believe? The common opinion is unfortunately no. Apple did not focus so much on this aspect and so the sound the iPad can deliver is still to be improved.

One way for the iPad owners to do that is by using some excellent earphones or headsets. Keeping that in mind we have collected the 10 Best iPad Earphones for Audiophiles.

BOOM Spooners- LINK

BOOM Spooners Best iPad Earphones for Audiophiles

These are top of the range ear piece that will give audiophiles some nice sensations and experience. These buds are both water and dust resistant. They also have active noise cancellation system embedded. Concerning ease of use they feature back magnets so you can fix them and fold them nicely in your pocket. They works in a frequency response of 20-20kHz with impedance of 32 Ohms. It is lightweight with only 0.6 ounces weight and has a long cord measuring 46 inches. It also features a built in microphone so you can use it also with your iPhone or take calls on iPad as well.

Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum Ear Buds- LINK

Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum Ear Buds

The best thing about these ear buds is that they can be fixed together after usage so it won’t  tangle and make your day miserable while trying to untangle them. There is also a microphone present there for you to be able to make calls while on the move. They are compatible with iPad and iPhone and iPod too. It has a four feet long cable and works on a frequency of 15-20k Hz. Impedance is 16 ohms and sensitivity 100 dB and come in different colors. Plus Life time warranty assures the quality of these earphones.

Polk Audio UltraFit 1000LINK

These earphones will give you an incredible audio experience and they are especially designed for those on the move and feature an over the head support for better grip while you’re making active sports moves. They are water resistant too and feature a microphone for you to easily make calls. It is compatible with iPad and iPhone so you don’t have to look for separate earphones for your iDevices. Cable length is 14 inches and they work on a frequency of 18 to 23k Hz. Their impedance is 16 ohms and sensitivity up to 118 dB.

Sony XBA-1iP – LINK

Sony XBA-1iP

Sony produced these masterpiece earpieces to provide you with an amazing audio experience. They do have inline remote to help you control playback and adjust volume while using your device. They are compatible with iPad and other devices from Apple family (iPhone or iPod) and feature a inline microphone to help you answer the calls without the need to actually hold the device to your ear. It gives a frequency response of 5 to 25k Hz and a sensitivity of 108 dB. These earpieces work on an impedance of 24 ohm while weighing only 0.21 oz.

 Denon AH-C560RLINK

 Denon AH-C560R

While on the move take into consideration these Denon AH-C560R headphones for a high quality sound. In addition to that you will benefit from an inline microphone to act as a hands free headset too. On the same line you also have a remote with three buttons to control the music options. These iPad earphones work on 5 to 24k HZ at a sensitivity of 110 dB providing an impedance of 16 ohms. The length of the cord is 53 inches and it weighs on 0.16 ounce for absolute portability.

Harman Kardon NI- LINK

Harman Kardon NI

For the crisp and sharp sounds you must use these earpieces. They will enchant your hearing with the high quality sounds delivered smoothly in your ears. An silicone ear tips will serve as a better outdoor noise cancellation accolade. Also features an inline remote to control easily your iPad or iPhone or iPad . Plus, if you get a phone call, no worry, it can act as hands free because it feature a inline microphone too. It has a frequency response of 20 to 20kHz , weighs 0.6 ounces and you also have a 44 inches cable especially manufactured to be tangle resistant.

Klipsch Image S4i Rugged- LINK

Normally when it rains and you still want to go outside with your iPad in your backpack you face the problem of destroying the headphones in contact with the water. But these earphones are resistant to water without compromising the best and high quality audio. Add to that an inline remote and microphone and you have a complete audiophile package. It will give out a frequency response of 10 to 19k Hz, a sensitivity of 110 dB while working on 18 ohms. The weight is only of 0.15 oz and you do have a very long cable: 55 inches which by far is one of the longest in this category. To match your lifestyle you can also choose their color (blue, orange, red, yellow)


AKG K375

These are indeed unique in design but so effective when it comes to sound quality. They look like a miniature version of normal top of the range speakers. They come in black or white. It does have an inline remote and microphone so no worry about controlling your device, may it be your iPad or your iPhone or iPod as well. Some parts are made from aluminum to give owners a better rugged usage. The length of the cord is 46 inch and has the specifications: frequency response 10 to 24k Hz, sensitivity: 120 dB, impedance: 28 ohms, weight: 0.21 ounces.

Bose MIE2i- LINK

Bose MIE2i

Bose is a world known high quality sound speakers producer and these earpieces make no exception to their brand name. They deliver high definition sound and are durable. They also features 45 inches cord with a fine inline microphone to act as a hands free headset plus control buttons for volume rocker. They weight only 0.66 ounces and overall are a perfect choice for audiophiles dubbed by the notoriety of the Bose brand in the sound industry.

Klipsch A5i- LINK

Klipsch A5i best iPad Earphones

For the young and active people with an iPad these earphones are just the right thing. Colorful and very practical they deliver great sound right into your ear. Resistant and durable, they are one perfect choice to make. They are even water resistant and also have inline microphone and remote for ease of access. They make a frequency response of 10 to 19k Hz, a sensitivity of 107 dB, a impedance of 17 ohms and weigh only 0.67 oz. Add to all this a tangle free 43 inch cord and you have one of the very best iPad earphones.