10 Best iPad Covers with Keyboard

Apple iPad completely changed the way we look at tablets forever. With its elegant design, long-lasting battery and above all the easy portability it has made its way into the hearts and hands of millions of users. While there are many things you can do on iPad out of the box, there are still a plenty of things that iPad lacks.

Suppose, the inclusion of a decent keyboard, given that iPad is not a laptop, it is not really unexpected. But there are many writing aficionados who use iPad for multi-purpose writing and for those it becomes necessary to look for Best iPad Covers with Keyboard that will not only provide a decent writing appendage but also accentuate the overall protection and spiff of your iPad.

In this post we have collected 10 Best iPad Covers with Keyboard to help you choose at least one among them that you feel will be the best for you.

1. Zagg Profolio Plus

Zagg Profolio Plus iPad Covers with Keyboard

Featuring island style keys for maximum spacing and backlit keys with seven interchangeable colors that can be adjusted for brightness and power management, this iPad cover with keyboard is sleek, ultra-thin, light-weight and thus does not add any kind of unnecessary bulk to your iPad.

Price: $79.99 | Zagg Profolio Plus

2. Logitech Keyboard Folio

Logitech Keyboard Folio

This iPad Cover with Keyboard is more about style and functionality. You can choose from multiple colors to compliment your iPad with its sumptuous fabric. Its folio design ensures end to end protection without compromising accessibility. The main highlight of this iPad cover is its fully functional keyboard that gives you the ability to type fluidly with the EasyType feature and all this over a Bluetooth connection and with excellent battery backup.

Price: $99.99 | Logitech Keyboard Folio

3. Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case

Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case

Belkin is certainly not exaggerating when it calls this cover the ultimate keyboard case. It is thin, light-weight and made from specially machined aluminum to give your iPad maximum protection while staying minimalistic. It only weighs 17 ounces to maintain the already beautiful looks of iPad. As for the keyboard, it features TruType keys that allow a laptop like swift error free typing and also has in-built shortcut keys to manage media.

Price: $89.99 | Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case

4. KeyFolio Exact Plus- Thin Folio

KeyFolio Exact Plus- Thin Folio

The Kensington KeyFolio Exact Thin Folio with Keyboard wraps your iPad in a colorful, ultra-thin folio that’s not only stylish but also adds protection. The form-fitting basket design promotes thinness and a raised bezel protects the corners and screen of your iPad from scratches and damage. The Keyboard works well on lap for continuous productivity and has a Backlit keyboard with 7 selectable colors for productivity in dark environments.

Price: $119.99 | KeyFolio Exact Plus- Thin Folio

5. ClamCase Pro

ClamCase Pro

ClamCase is perhaps the best-known vendor of clamshell keyboard cases, and for good reason. It has a clever design that provides solid iPad protection, and a very good (if slightly cramped) keyboard. The well-built clamshell encloses your iPad in an attractive, aluminum-and-plastic case that looks and functions almost exactly like a laptop. You can flip the case for a comfortable stand or just move it away towards the back for an easy tablet experience.

Price: $169 | ClamCase Pro

6. Brydge+ with Speakers


This case looks like a clamshell and features a two narrow sturdy hinges. Among the various highlights of this cover with Keyboard is its two small but loud Bluetooth speakers that give a surround feel while you watch movies. There are many versions of this case available including a gold aluminum, space gray and other cool colors.

Price: $189 | Brydge+ with Speakers

7. New Trent AirBender

New Trent AirBender

Giving you the freedom to rotate the case at any angle for comfortable viewing, this iPad cover with keyboard wraps your device in a hard,thermoplastic shell snugly for the ultimate protection, and a snappy bluetooth keyboard helps convert your iPad into the fully functional tablet PC you’ve always wanted. The flat edged keys and wider keys allow for a swift error free typing.

Price: $36.95 | New Trent AirBender

8. Anker Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover

Anker Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover

If you are on a budget then this cover is probably your best bet. The keys are all in the right locations; you get a proven design; and it  adds a nifty support stand that automatically pops up whenever you prop your iPad in the slot above the keyboard, making the iPad a bit more stable. But the most compelling feature of the TC930 is its unbelievable price.

Price: $36.95 | Anker Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover

9. TouchFire


If you are looking for something minimalistic and that just enhances the in-built keyboard of iPad, then look no further. TouchFire is a clear, silicone overlay that adds little nibs to each virtual key’s “top,” as well as slightly raised ridges around each key. The Touchfire does make typing a bit more tactile for touch-typists, but the overall experience isn’t otherwise much different than typing on the bare screen.

Price: $36.95 | TouchFire

10. ZAGG Rugged Book Case

ZAGG Rugged Book Case

ZAGG offers a great typing experience, complete with a backlit keyboard. The Rugged Book offers the ultimate in protection as it contains several layers of shock absorbing materials. Disconnect the top portion of the case and use your iPad in tablet mode. The Rugged Book adds some bulk but promises to protect your iPad in the most extreme of circumstances.

Price: $116.31| ZAGG Rugged Book Case

We hope you found at least one perfect Cover with Keyboard for your iPad. If you have any personal favorites, feel free to mention in the comments section.