10 Best iPad Bluetooth Keyboards

Soon after Apple rolled out one of its very fine gadget we now know a iPad, manufacturers from all around the world started designing unique accessories for this prodigious device.  The market is bundled with all the iPad goodies and there are accessories of broad classification ruling every field. iPad Bluetooth Keyboards in particular are everyone’s favorite as it not only accentuates the productivity front of iPad but it also takes it closest to Laptop experience.

iPad Bluetooth Keyboards do not always share the exclusivity of being a stand alone Keyboard that can only be used to input text on your iPad because there have been enormous improvements. Improvements ranging from core enhancements, Keyboard cases/docks, Folio Keyboard and a lot of other cool features have been exquisitely integrated into these iPad Bluetooth Keyboards.

Since there are so many options to choose from when considering something as simple as iPad Keyboard, we have only collected some of the very best. It is pertinent to say that this post will only cover stand alone best iPad Bluetooth Keyboards like the Title suggests. However, if you want to get more than just a regular keyboard for your device, like for example an Folio iPad Keyboard case or a Clamshell (Laptop Like) Keyboard case, you can scour through our website easily to find relevant posts.

 Apple Wireless Keyboard- LINK

 Apple Wireless Keyboard

Without playing any favorites, this iPad Bluetooth Keyboard deserves first place not only because of its brilliant design but also because of full functionality and responsiveness. This Keyboard continues the legacy of mighty Apple with its anodized aluminum closed crisp and responsive keys. It is 24 percent smaller than the average keyboards, which means a better portability and lesser space accommodation on your desktop.It also has some inbuilt function keys for easy shortcut maneuvers on your iPad.

Logitech Bluetooth Easy Switch- LINK

Logitech Bluetooth Easy Switch

The most prominent feature of this iPad Blueetooth Keyboard from Logitech is its cross compatibility and easy connectivity with iPad, iMac or iPhone with just a push of button. It also features a unique light sensitive back-light management that adjusts Key back lights according to the light intensity of your surroundings. You can recharge with a standard USB cable and to help you save your battery it features a proximity sensor that turns off/on the back-light as you move your hands far or near respectively. For effective and fast typing this Keyboard features concave surface and rounded edges which makes key presses and gliding swift.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760- LINK

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760

iPad has a nice battery backup and if you are constantly on the move you might want to buy a Keyboard which atleast shares this property of iPad. But with Logitech’s Solar Keyboard you do not need to worry about the battery backup at all. The Keyboard charges with Solar light and once fully charged can work for 3 months in complete darkness. It is ridiculously thin for better portability and the keys are responsive with quite crisp presses.

Targus iPad Bluetooth Keyboard- LINK

Targus iPad Bluetooth Keyboard

A compact typing solution for your iPad from Targus blends perfectly with the feel and design of your iPad. It has a low profile design with unique tilt for fast and accurate typing. The Battery Life is promised to last for 7 months which can been analysed with power indicator LED for a worry free experience. Overall the Keyboard provides a normal Laptop like typing experience while maintaining compactness and portability.

 AmazonBasics iPad Keyboard- LINK

 AmazonBasics iPad Keyboard

This minimalistic iPad Keyboard is built especially for heavy writers and comes bundled with a stand for comfortable writing at just the right angle. It features Scissor-switch technology for quick, responsive and quite typing. Best of all, the stand and Keyboard are compact sized for best professional use during travel, in home or office. Add to all this quick shortcut buttons for your iPad and you have one of the very best iPad Bluetooth Keyboards.

Matias Tactile Pro- LINK

Matias Tactile Pro

There is no over adulation of this award winning Keyboard from Matias. It connects to your Desktop and then can be used to type wirelessly on your iPad, iPhone, Mac or other iDevices without having to worry about batteries or anything. It has everything that a top notch Keyboard has but still manages to remain cost effective and the cross device compatibility makes it an all-in-one typing solution.

 Voix Genie- LINK

 Voix Genie

A light weight, thin, portable and compact keyboard for your iPad with swift and responsive keys. With an impressive 60 days battery backup this iPad Bluetooth Keyboard will more than satisfy all your writing needs. It connects to your iPad or other iDevices within seconds and serves all the functions effectively like a Tablet Keyboard is actually supposed to do.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover- LINK

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

As the name suggests this iPad Keyboard  cover from accessory experts Logitech is ridiculously thin, so much so that when you close it on your iPad, you can barely tell them apart. It comes in various vibrant colors but Black or White particularly do justice to the looks of your iPad. It is made from premium military grade aluminum and there is an option to further personalize your cover with lazer engravings. Keyboard is nice, responsive and boasts six months of continuous usage on a single full battery charge. It also manipulates your iPad’s inbuilt magnets for smart snap-in accurate closure.

MobileFun Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard- LINK

MobileFun Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard

This Keyboard redefines portability with its flexible waterproof silicone construction. You can fold it as compactly as you like and use it anywhere, add to this an discreet and silent  85 key fully responsive functionality and you have one of the best iPad Keyboards at a bargain price of only $45.

 Archos Ultrathin Keyboard Case

 Archos Ultrathin Keyboard Case

With 5mm thickness and 0.5 pounds weight Archos Ultrathin Keyboard cover is as thin and compact as it gets. It resembles Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard but in essence it is a lot different in terms of design and functionality. It uses magnets instead of groove to hold your iPad at an comfortable angle and closes suavely with magnetic closure while Sleep/waking your iPad automatically, just like the Apple Smart Cover. To top it up, it is made from anodized Aluminum and has white Keys for seamless integration with the looks, design and feel of your iPad.

We tried to collect as cool iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Cases as we could but there are always best lying around in the market. If you have used or if you are familiar with other such Keyboards please let us know in the comments section.