10 Best iPad Apps for Proffessional Photographers

Apple iPad is good at a lot of things including gaming, entertainment, movies and more but it especially shares the benefit of being a portable work horse. There is literally an app for everything ranging from cool silly games to serious productivity apps. You can create music, record songs, manage data, access internet and above all do a lot of creative work on your iPad while on the go. This is in particular advantageous for professional photographer who are bound to travel and stay agile all the time. While iPad itself can be used to shoot mediocre to moderate photographs, when it comes to serious photography nothing beats a real professional camera. But here also, iPad makes up to the mark by manipulating iPad’s tough configuration with precise apps to be used as almost professional level photography.

While these apps cannot replace the functionality of a PC, they can sure add a portable functionality to your professional photography by staying sharp, swift and more. In short, these apps are the closest you can get to a professional level photography. In this post we have collected 10 Best iPad Apps for Professional Photographers.

Adobe Photoshop Touch- LINK

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Considering the fact that most photographers are well acquainted and comfortable with Photoshop interface, this app brings a relief. It can perform all the standard functions like Brightness/Contrast control, color saturation, noise reduction and more in addition to some pro functions. Among the various options available for the iPad, a few useful include desktop staples as layers, the magic wand tool, the paint brush, clone stamp, text, gradients and a range of filters.

It has been better integrated with social hubs like Facebook and Twitter to help share your work instantly right from your iPad. What makes everything even better is the Adobe’s very own Creative Cloud that can be used to save photos which can then be Synced and accessed from a Standard Adobe CS6 on your PC or Mac.


Photogene Best iPad App for Photographers

A reasonably priced iPad Photography app that serves most of the features meticulously for prodigies without complicating the user interface. It may not support layers or granular selection but it does have everything else a photographer can demand from a standard iPad app. You can manually edit photos or choose customizable presets including the famous Instagram filters to add decent effects. It also supports multiple uploads, FTP transfer  and a resized export to multiple file sharing platforms like Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and e-mail.

 PhotoForge 2- LINK

 PhotoForge 2

PhotoForge is another professional styled iPad app that will not only add standard quick editing features like color balance, curves, contrast and more to your iPad, but will also enable addition of customizable Instagram Filters too. Like Photoshop Touch it does work with filters and maintains intuitiveness while it does so. It is powerful, handles everything well without errors or lags and can work with huge resolution photos with FTP file transfer support for swift sharing.

Process- LINK

Process Photography iPad App

Process deals with photo editing differently. A process by this app’s definition is  a effect, filter or preset that can be applied to any photo. This in essence makes minor tweaking, retouch and more quite simple by allowing you to manually edit aspects of these process as you please. There is however not much elasticity and there is also no option for detailed tweaks or brushes. Overall, the app is easy to use and gets the job done but considering the relative cost, we do not personally recommend it over other alternatives.

SnapSeed- LINK


SnapSeed is free and probably the best iPad photography app with an out of the box concept featuring complete touch-gesture controls. It uses the full potential of iPad’s multi-touch sensitive screen, for example you can choose between filter, effects or presets simply by swiping your finger up/down and once it applies on your Photo you can tweak intensities by swiping left/right. This might seem mundane, but it comes quite handy when it comes down to serious editing. Furthermore, there is also full scope for sectioned retouches for  precise image control and seamless overall blend.

FolioBook Photo Portfolio- LINK

FolioBook Photo Portfolio

Apple iPad can be an impressive tool to present your portfolios and there are many apps that can handle it efficiently, but most photographers would agree on the fact that a lot of them just don’t cut it. FolioBook Photo PortFolio is a serious app that handles your photos beautifully while providing variety of features which along with other options makes it a must have iPad app for professional photographers.

To begin with, You can create a customizable splash screen (Screen that shows up when you launch the app) with imported logos, themes, pictures and more. You can have limitless galleries with 200 images per gallery and import as many photos as you like from your iPad or DropBox. There are huge transitions, effects and other options for slideshows including easy to set-up music integration.

Luminance- LINK

Luminance iPad

Luminance is another cheaper alternative for photo editing with all the usual features including layers. You can add certain layers, filters, presets, effects and then copy the defaulats to be used on other photos for a more uniform effect throughout. It looks great on retina display and the intuitive user interface adds to the overall efficacy.

Apple iPhoto- LINK

Apple iPhoto

iPhoto is an powerful extension of Apple’s default photo app. It is quick, accurate and has plethora of features to help you edit your photos while on the go. It supports gesture controls for better touch integration like simple swipes for blue skies, greenery and warmth adjustments. You can also pick up part of a photo for sectioned editing and use tools like blemish fixes, red-eye removal and more while zoomed in.

Shoot and Sell- LINK

Shoot and Sell

Shoot and Sell is for photographers who like to sell photos to potential buyers. By providing customers a first hand visual of how photos are going to look, this app will help you to significantly raise your photo sales. You can use clients room images or the stylish stock images, or take one with your iPad’s camera and then show a real perspective of your photos on the respective walls of your client. It can also be used for other artistic presentations like paintings and advertisements.

PhotoSync- LINK

PhotoSync iPad

After editing, retouching and doing a few other things to your Photos there is no point if you can’t easily access your work from PC. PhotoSync provides a Wireless solution to this problem by allowing photographers to transfer files (Photos and Videos) from or to an iPad over  a Wireless Wi-fi/ Bluetooth network. This simple solution also means you never have to worry about cables and in addition social network integration with hubs like Dropbox, Picasa/Google+, Facebook, 500px, SmugMug, Flickr, Box, Zenfolio, (S)FTP, WebDAV, SkyDrive & Google Drive means an absolute answer to all your sharing woes.

If you think we missed on any better iPad Apps for Photographers, feel free to share in the comments section.