10 Best iPad Apps for Doctors

Technology has barely left anything untouched and there is no exception for Doctors or other medical professionals. And since Doctors are famous as early adapters, the scenario gets even better and to put it rightly, it becomes necessary. Considering the potential benefits technology provides in this field by prompting decision making, reducing errors, managing patients, providing information and more, having a tech savvy gadget around that does all this becomes lucrative.

When it comes to gadgets, nothing is more reliable and feature bundled than Apple iPad and because of these factors and others it has officially made its way into hands and hearts of many medical professionals. But the catch is the huge list of apps available and it becomes quite daunting to decide on which iPad App should you care to install and actually use to avoid time wastage and other following issues. Keeping this in mind we have narrowed down the list to 10 Best iPad Apps for Doctors.

DrChrono EHR- LINK

DrChrono EHR-

DrChrono is the best yet the cheapest Electronic Health Record management app across all platforms. It helps you to manage patient information with all records and the ability to update medications, allergy lists and even schedule appointments. You can also dictate text to speech notes, write prescriptions, make paperless bills,  add drug, allergy, condition , and drug interactions notes and then view/print all this as patient charts.

Medscape- LINK

Medscape iPad

This app is useful for practicing physicians as well medical students, nurses, pharmacists and all other medical professionals. You get free access to all the clinical information in a beautifully simple managed interface. A constantly updated specialty news, conditions, drug information, procedures, medical calculators are some of the many features of this impeccable app.

 MicroMedex- LINK 



MicroMedex helps physicians and pharmacists dispense a confident decision by providing free access to drug information. It works offline as well and  is by far the most trusted reference available for iPad with beautiful and easy to use interface. Among the various categories of information about drugs some of the most important are generic names, trade names, black box warning, dosages, interactions, contraindications, adverse effects, and pharmacokinetics.


WebMD iPad

WebMD provides symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings right on your iPad for prompt decision making and health improvements. There is a special offline access for first aid mode for 24/7 emergency needs. You can also personalize content according to your specialty, interests and relevance by creating your custom account.

Calculate by QxMD- LINK

Calculate by QxMD

There are many apps that provide precise medical calculators for iPad, but when it comes to easy access and functionality, not many of them are quite useful as Calculate by QxMD. This is because there is an option to use precise calculators according to specialties which makes it easier to browse through various versions. Add to all that a Detailed references with Pubmed integration, Comprehensive insightful results and intuitive beautiful user interface and you have one of the best iPad app for medical professionals for free.

modalityBODY- LINK

modalityBODY iPad

This app can be  used for patient education, professional reference and training  by using its extensive library of human anatomy images. You can either use images from renowned medical references or create your own libraries as you please.

Epocrates- LINK

Epocrates iPad

Epocrates brings fast and elegant, trusted reference right to your iPad or any other iDevice with this easy to use app. You can access all the usual drug information like interactions, drug coverage information, pill identifiers, perform calculations and even access up to date medical news and research information. By registering to premium account you  get access to very useful features like disease information, alternative medications, lab guides and more clinical tools and content  at the rate of $159.99 per year.

Citrix- LINK

Citriz for Doctors

Citrix is used by many corporate companies, hospitals and other large establishments and if your department use it, this app for iPad is a must have. It allows you to remotely access desktop from wherever you are, this in essence allows multi-platform access for maximum productivity and interconnection.

Heart Pro III- LINK

Heart Pro III

This app is top grossing among 40 countries which is quite understandable by its unique and highly productive features. It is primarily a teaching tool, but can also be used for fast and innovative reference by utilizing the index function that allows the user to select an item and the app will automatically zoom in and identify it. You can access 17 animations, quizzes, more references, anatomy views, zoom features all with simple flicker of your fingers.

Mobile MIM- LINK

Mobile MIM iPad

Among various useful apps listed in this post, imaging apps serve as a center piece because of its  interdependence and integration with every other medical app. It is used across hospitals for the viewing, registration, fusion, and/or display for diagnosis of medical images from the following modalities: SPECT, PET, CT, MRI, X-ray and Ultrasound. Other apps worth mentioning in this imaging section are Siemens syngo, Fujifilm Synapse Mobility and Centricity Radiology Mobile Access.

We hope we helped to some extent on deciding at least one Best iPad App for Doctors and other Medical Professionals. If you have any suggestions, feel free to mention in comments section.