10 Best iPad Accessories For Men

There is an iPad app and an accessory for everything and everyone floating around on the massive online stores. Accessories ranging from diagnostic tools to kid protective cases and toys for iPad and while we can go about different accessories for hours, ignoring Men would be naive if not insane. Since, men are a bit robust, productivity driven, creatures of management with a few other negative peculiarities, accessories made exclusively for this segment of iPad owners have flourished over a past couple of years.

iPad Accessories for men share the benefit of being great for every other class of iPad users but they particularly do a lot good for Men. So if you are looking for a gift for your father, husband, brother or for yourself, we have collected 10 Best iPad Accessories for Men.

Adonit Writer Plus iPad- LINK

Adonit Writer Plus iPad

A perfect typing and protection solution for your precious iPad. This offering from Adonit combines the ease of Bluetooth Keyboard typing with a rugged aluminum folio design iPad case. Typing becomes a lot more comfortable with its Laptop standard Scissor Key technology. For further comfortable writing you can just pull its magnetic clasps for personalized easy typing on a bus, couch, or plane. Add to all this an automatic sleep/wake smart function and an extended battery backup of 2 week per charge, and you have one of the best iPad accessory for Men.

myCharge Portable Power Bank- LINK

More often than not men run out of iPad juice partly because of busy schedule and partly because they just don’t care enough. If you have one such man in mind or you are the one yourself, myCharge Portable Power Bank is a must buy. You can charge your iPad upto 2 times with its humongous 3000mAh battery. It has a built-in M2 connector with Mni and Micro USB cable and Apple connector for quick cross Apple iDevice charging.

Pogo Stylus- LINK

Pogo Stylus for iPad

A perfect spur for all your hand written note taking needs. This stylus can be used to hand write notes on your iPad using apps like Penultimates and NoteTaker-HD and the best part is that it looks amazingly beautiful while at it. It is sleek, elegant and the new version pioneers a new tip for more consistent and smoother writing experience.

Fling Joystick- LINK

Fling Joystick Best iPad Accessories for Men

Incorporate this easy to install gaming appendage to your iPad and never worry about killing time in the hours of boredom. It sticks to your iPad’s screen and provides effective controls for all games with on-screen Joystick and controls.

iCade for iPad- LINK

iCade for iPad

Yet another gaming accessory for men and children as well, to bring back all the memories of good old gaming. Just fit your iPad in this gaming console cum dock and you are ready to enjoy plenty of retro games including Atari’s top gaming hits.

Griffin Guitar Connect- LINK

Griffin Guitar Connect iPad Accessory

For music aficionados, this particular iPad accessory is the best you can ask for. It is simple yet so functional, you can connect you Guitar, Keyboard or bass, launch Garage Band and start Jamming or recording quality music right from the comforts of your iPad.

BookWedge- LINK


BookWedge can hold your iPad, e-reader, books or any other such things you might need during space constrained commutes or day to day home use. It deflates and re-inflates easily for compact carriage and comfortable viewing respectively. It is ergonomic, sleek, easy-to-use, cheap and most importantly offers a suitable viewing angle for comfortable iPad usage in trains, buses, Airplane, couch or any other similar place.

PowerBag Business Class Case- LINK

PowerBad Business Class Case

Say goodbye to all your charging as well as carriage issues with this PowerBag. It can not only hold your iPad, iPhone, iPod and many other devices but it can actually charge them easily while they sit securely in place. All you have to is, charge the bag using regular wall-charger and you are ready for a business travel without having to worry about running out of battery.

House of Marley Headphones-  LINK

 House of Marley Headphones-

House of Marley make a great range of high-quality, Eco-Friendly headphones that make a great accessory for the music- loving men.  Our pick are the beautifully crafted Redemption Song on-ear headphones. Made from soft high-quality leather, Beech wood and aluminum with a green, yellow and red trim they immediately evoke thoughts of Rasta, Reggae and Bob Marley. Overall they are lightweight, very comfortable and deliver amazing sound quality. They also include an in-line 3 button remote and mic, an awesome fabric covered cord with gold-plated connectors, and a canvas carrying case.

Apple Smart Cover- LINK

Smart Cover is best accessory for men and every other iPad owner as well. It is sleek, protective, stylish and in seamless integration with your iPad’s ingenuous design and features. It automatically wakes/sleeps your iPad and can be folded to be converted into stylish and comfortable viewing angles.

If you have any personal favorite iPad accessories for men or any suggestions for us, please mention in the comments section.