10 Absolutely Essential iPad Development Tools for Mac

Apple iPad took the world with storm as soon as it launched and what makes it so special is just about everything about it and the fact that there is an “app for everything”. This has been made possible by various development tools that make it a little less daunting to code and develop apps for this prodigious device. So, in this post we have collected 10 iPad Development Tools for Mac that will ease your iPad app development process.

1. Xcode


Xcode 7 includes everything you need to create amazing apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. The Swift programming language has been updated and is now faster than ever, with great features that make your code even easier to read and write. And with the new playgrounds you can experiment with new APIs or author gorgeous interactive documentation using embedded resources, additional source code, and rich text comments. Xcode’s user interface testing feature can even record your app in action and generate tests for you.


2. Xamarin Studio

Xamarin Studio

In addition to creating iOS apps for iPad and iPhone this application is cross platform, which means it can also be used to code for Android, Mac & Windows apps. You can share code cross platforms and Use any Objective-C or Java API from C#. There is also an IDE for Mac, plus visual studio plugin for Windows. Pre-built components for faster development and excellent product documentation and support make this one of the best iPad development tool for Mac.

3. AppCode


This is a must have Integrated Development Environment for developers on the Mac/iOS platform. Some of the features include; Advanced coding assistance, code generations and refactoring, code quality, project and code navigation, debugger, unit testing, iOS development, VCS Integration and Local History, Integrations, More than Objective-C IDE, Customization and Extensibility.

4. Indigo Studio

Indigo Studio iPad development tools for Mac

You can use this development tool to interactively prototype your web, desktop and mobile apps. Other features include Illustration with Storyboards, Sketch and Design Screens, Design with Clutter-Free UI, Leverage Built-In UI Elements, prototype and Visualize Interactions, Transition animation, Prototype annotation, Sharing and Presenting Prototypes with HTML5 support and you can Export Prototype Designs.

5. Reflector


If you want to present your Application or iOS device to a group, this app is your best bet. It allows you to mirror your iOS device screen on your desktop. You can easily capture the screen of your iOS device and save it as a video file for later review. You can even use your iOS device while it is mirroring on your Mac. In addition you get Password Protection to control access to your Mac by setting a password to prevent unwanted connections. Add to that selectable Frames that help you to change the color of the device frame on your screen to match the actual skin of your device and you have the best mirroring iPad development tool for Mac.

6. PaintCode


PaintCode is vector drawing app that easily allows you to create application interface elements that can be plugged right into your code because of the excellent Objective-C or C# that is generated in realtime. Other features include Realtime code generation,Dynamic colors, Dynamic shapes, Realtime preview, Boolean operations, Smart Guides, Bezier tool, Inner and outer shadows, Multi-step gradients, Blend modes and clips, Smart groups and SVG import.

7. Paw


If you want to test your REST services as well as generate code for the request in several languages the Paw is your app. It is simple yet powerful, helps you organize your requests and can generate code for; cURL, Objective-C (using AFNetworking or NSURLConnection), Python, Ruby, jQuery AJAX and PHP. It also has smart completion, dynamic values (OAuth, Amazon S3, Cookies and Response), URL & body formatting and Potential error warnings.

8. xScope


Here is an all-in-one development package for iPad with valuable design and development tools under one hood. You can easily mirror your designs and applications on iOS while you work on them from Mac. You can also instantly find the dimensions of any component by simply rolling your mouse cursor on it. There are Powerful on-screen rulers for precise pixel measurements that include scaling, rotation, and edge snapping. Its Loupe feature allows you to magnify part of your screen, copy colors and simulate how colors appear to users with vision impairments. For easy alignment it has guides that float on top of all else and there are frames that help you  create, layout and adjust custom marker boxes that float on top of all other on-screen elements.

9. CodeRunner


With this iPad development tool for Mac you can actually edit and run code in any programming language. There are plenty of preset languages that are already set up and there is also an option to add any other language you might be using. It has powerful editing feature, customizable templates, Built-in console and allows you to effectively interact with your code.

10. Patterns


A simple yet powerful tool for working with regular expressions. Includes a built in cheat sheet, if you need a little refresher. Its Regular expression syntax coloring makes it easy to see how your pattern is interpreted by the regex engine. You can see matches and replacements in real time while you edit your pattern. You are also able to copy match and replacement code snippets of your pattern for quick use in a number of different programming languages. The built-in regular expression reference sheet helps you find the piece of regex syntax you need.

We hope you found these 10 iPad Development tools for Mac useful. If you have any personal favorites, feel free to mention in the comments section.